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Bug Reports / Export fails in cluster if path contains variables
« on: March 09, 2022, 05:07:29 PM »
We run batch processes in cluster and found, that TIF exports of DEM and ORTHO does not work.
The reason seems to be variables in the output paths, absolute paths work as expected.
There is no error messages or other indications of fail, the process simply does not yield expected results.

Here is the diff between our non-workin and working versions (absolute paths work via cloud, the others not):

diff ms_batch.xml tmp.debug_ms-tiffexportcloud.xml
<     <path>{projectfolder}/dem_{chunklabel}.tif</path>
>     <path>/data/tmp-data/dem_debugout.tif</path>
<     <path>{projectfolder}/ortho_{chunklabel}.tif</path>
>     <path>/data/tmp-data/ortho_debugout.tif</path>

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