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Feature Requests / Option to blend 360 Panoramas at left/right edge
« on: January 19, 2021, 10:42:54 PM »
The Panorama blending works great everywhere except where the left and right edge of the image will wrap. After we create the 360 image, we then use a tool to create a product where we can rotate the view around the panorama, but at the seam where the image wraps and joins, we get an imperfect blend.

Would it be possible to implement a blend along this edge to make it seamless?

Python and Java API / Rotate Panorama Programmatically
« on: January 13, 2021, 08:25:40 PM »
Using the panorama tutorial as a reference:

We currently use Hugin to generate spherical panoramas and it is always able to successfully orient the panorama such that the horizon is level. Occasionally the process will fail, so I decided to try Metashape, but am running into issues where the model is slightly rotated such that the horizon is no longer level.

Step 4 in the above tutorial does show how we can correct this manually, but I would like to be able to do this programmatically, and have figured out that you can rotate upon Panorama export (Tasks.ExportPanorama.rotation), but my issue is determining the rotation matrix to apply to the model to get it aligned correctly. My question is how can I determine this rotation using the Python API?

For our datasets, they are captured by drones, so I believe I should be able to at least determine the up-down vector of the camera's position, and then rotate the model such that this vector is aligned with one of Metashape's axes. I see two cases:

1. if the drone only took horizontal images (gimbal angle is 0), then I would want to select 2 camera view vectors that are about 90 degrees to each other and perform an operation to get a vector that is orthogonal to both (cross product I think?)
2. most of the time, the drone will have taken horizontal images as well as images where the gimbal angle is non-zero (up to -90 degrees) so in this case I think I should be able to add all the vectors together which should zero out the horizontal components and leave me with a vector that is pointing up/down

Or is there an easier way to get this? Does the camera station have its orientation based on all the camera positions?



Hi there,

I downloaded the CGVD28 geoid (HT2_0.tif), and then in the Metashape application, I created some user defined coordinate systems using the tutorial:

For example, I created a compound coordinate system using "NAD83(CSRS) / UTM zone 11N" and then "CGVD28 height" (from the HT2_0.tif file), which I have named "NAD83(CSRS) / UTM zone 11N + CGVD28 height".

Is there a programmatic way, using the Python API, to list the user defined coordinate systems and/or load them by the name or some other ID? I know there is a way to launch a UI selection box via API, but I would like to be able to load my user defined ones without requiring any UI interaction. Or is the suggested way to dump out the WKT data for the user-defined coordinate systems, and then use that to load the coordinate system?



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