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General / Defocus masks
« on: May 26, 2021, 08:21:59 PM »

I've noticed in different projects, that the generation of defocus masks (from V 1.7) gives very unpredictable results. Since I do close-range photogrammetry I would like to use this option to limit the reconstruction and the texture calculation to in-focus areas of the photographs. So I build an initial scaled mesh with only the necessary masks to allow for correct image alignment. I then calculate the defocus masks from the scaled mesh and do the whole photogrammetry process again with the defocus masked images. With this approach in many images perfectly in-focus areas of the object are masked out while completely blurry parts of the photograph are kept.

Does anybody have similar experiences?

@Alexey: What could be the reason for this?   

best regards,

Feature Requests / Importing photos into group folder
« on: May 20, 2021, 10:53:13 AM »

I create group folders within the cameras folder in a project to keep my different photo sets structured. When I import photos by dragging them into metashape, they are always added to the main cameras folder, even though I drag them on top of a group sub-folder. I have to then mark them all and drag them into the specific group. It would be great if it was possible to place them in a group sub-folder directly by just dragging them there.

thanks and best whishes,


In a project with a depth maps based reconstruction of a whole violin I am getting a mesh with holes in V1.71 where V1.65 was able to build a continuous closed mesh - this is independent of mesh interpolation turned on/off and Depth Map filterering paramter (mild vs. aggressive). I noticed in the log file, that a lot of images are not used in the depth maps generation due to:

"2021-02-09 10:30:33 filtering neighbors with too low common points, threshold=50..."

In V1.65 all images were used.

@Alexey: Is there maybe a Tweak to change the threshhold so images with less neighbors are used as well? Do other people experience similar problems, where meshes are reconstructed worse in V1.71 than in the previous version?

Thanks and best whishes!

General / Photo post-processing - exposure - histogramm
« on: December 27, 2020, 06:35:24 PM »
I have been wondering about the influence of exposure post-processing and working with exposure adjusted Tiff files as compared to working with my original 14bit RAW images from a Nikon D850.

I mostly do close-range photogrammetry of cultural heritage objects (stringed musical instruments). I take all my images with a Nikon D850 in 14bit RAW mode. I have noticed, that when reconstructing an objects with shadowy and highlighted areas, the dark and bright areas seem to be reconstructed better with exported TIFF files, where the shadows and highlights have been recovered in Lightroom post-processing from the original RAW file.

Why is this the case as according to my understanding the full dynamic range captured in the original RAW file should be used by Metashape - independently of the brightness I see and evaluate on my monitor right? Metashape should take pixel information into account independently of the dynamic range my monitor happens to have right?

to broaden the question: to what extent is exposure related post-processing on a monitor and with the histogram useful in images used in Metashape?

Thank you for any thoughts and comments on this subject.

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