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General / Community Based Understanding and Data
« on: August 18, 2021, 05:52:25 PM »
A group of us have been using Metashape to assemble what would seem to be simple structures around our homes. Invariably we end up with poor results, either with distortion, poor alignment and any other manner of challenges which end up with us wondering what we could be doing better. 

The documentation is a bit sparse in terms of explaining how one should develop the skill to use Agisoft to create a good 3D model. We are thus wondering whether we might provide a section of this forum to get advice from others.  Ideally we could share data sets and explain the source of  problems in developing a 3D model.  Specifically we are interested in creating models of homes, both interior and exterior, but we don't necessarily want to limit ourselves to this.

Ideally people could (a) Provide a set of images which are known to create a valid model  (b) Comment on how those images were used to create the model with Agisoft and (c)Provide examples of data which was not successful in creating models.

I don't know how we would handle data on this site yet  nor how we would structure such a process, but we are posting this question to the forum.  After playing with Agisoft on and off  for 12 months, we have yet to end up with a series of well aligned photos which lead to a superior model.  Perhaps there are others in a similar situation.

General / New and still wondering...
« on: May 26, 2021, 09:42:12 PM »
A group of us (probably not reading the manual enough) have been working with Metashape and Ubuntu.  Using a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4 GB memory we just cannot get a  (any) group of photos to align properly, We learned that taking photos from one location and pivoting around that location does not work (its in the manual), we learned that although it would seem easy to rearrange the photos in the workspace to better enable the sequential aligment, we could not find any way to do so without renaming them(prepending 1,2 3 etc), we learned that Ubuntu 20 with the latest nVidia drivers has a bad memory leak and crashes the rendering process to the point of chewing up 20 GB of memory and providing no errors and we learned that an mp4 video cannot be imported and throws a "The QMediaPlayer object does not have a valid service -  which seems to indicate that the player is not opening the file.   All in all this has been quite a frustrating experience. After some 300 hours of playing with images of all kinds we still don't understand how to make metashape 1.7.2 work properly with a set of photographs. Why when we add images does it say the images are not calibrated for example (NC) ? Why when one looks at a sequential set of images to the human eye it appears that we have captured the right images for aligment. Perhaps if there were a reference set of photos that represented a building of some sort with explicit instructions to build a model out of them that might help.   What does it take to understand how this software works and how to optimise the image capturing process so that the images are best optimised for alignment.  What exactly is the alignment process looking for ? It appears that most of the time the mapping of images is from colour point to colour point not from geometrical structure to geometrical structure.  We find that if you have a stucco wall the alignment is excellent, but if you are looking at longer frequency geometric structures then its not so great.  Any advice would be gratefully accepted.   Thanks !

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