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We match aerial photos from orthophoto flights. As tie point limit we have 70 (minimum number of common tie points that must be exceeded between two images to be matched - if I understood the definition right). Usually in the middle areas we have about 15 images that meet this criterion. If we limit the number of neighboring images to 6, which images will be matched. Always those with the most common tie points? Which rule does this follow then?

Is there a way / rule to define the matching partner images? For example, to match only the vertical stripes?

We wanted to process RGBI geotiffs with 16 bit to get point clouds and DEMs. The RGB bands were properly defined and recognized by Agisoft Metashape. The 4th band was not recognized as NIR by Metashape (Set Primary Channel: Channel 4 was empty). We need the 4th band to be defined as infrared band, because only in that case the exported point clouds are saved in version .las 1.4 with point cloud format 8 which can store the infrared band and additional attributes properly.
Unfortunately the python script to redefine the 4th band fail, but we found out that if you redefine ALL of the 4 bands at the same time, it sets also the 4th band to NIR.

We hope somebody will profit from our findings.

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