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Bug Reports / Convert images drops xmp metadata
« on: May 11, 2022, 04:36:06 PM »
On metashape 1.8.1 - build 13915 on Windows, when using the convert images functionality, the converted images have no xmp metadata.

Steps to reproduce:
 - Create a new metashape project with 1 chunk.
 - Add a number of .jpg files to the chunk
 - Right click the chunk, choose export --> convert images
 - In the convert images dialog, keep the default settings and click OK.
 - Select a folder for exporting.

We observe that the exported .jpg's have no xmp metadata (by running exiftool -b -xmp on the exported files).
Our expectation is, that the exported .jpg's have the same xmp metadata as their counterparts in the metashape project camera groups.

Is this a bug, or are we missing a setting/toggle/etc. in metashape? Or is this by design?

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