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I have chunk with 2100 photos. After the alignment process got completed, some images did not get aligned . I want to print all those images' names (camera.label) which could not get aligned. In GUI, if I go to Photos Pane and change the "view" to "details" then all those images which got aligned has a Tick mark next to it in "Aligned" column. I can even sort it based on "Aligned". So basically I want to get those cameras in a list which does not have a tick mark next to it in Aligned Column.

Hello All,
In the latest Python API documentation of Agisoft Metashape,
for Metashape.Camera instance, and Class Reference of it, there are two separate parameters, named "enabled" and "location_enabled".
The description in the documentation for both are same.

So, I tested it on a sample project.

Code: [Select]
camera =[0]

print(camera.reference.enabled)  #Prints True
print(camera.reference.location_enabled)  #Prints True

camera.reference.enabled = False
print(camera.reference.enabled)  #Prints False
print(camera.reference.location_enabled)  #Prints False

camera.reference.location_enabled = True
print(camera.reference.enabled)  #Prints True
print(camera.reference.location_enabled)  #Prints True

Both of it do the same thing, i.e. tick or untick the particular camera in the Reference Pane if the reference data of the same are available.

Can anyone help me in understanding the difference??

When i try to use the following code snippet, i am getting the error

"AttributeError: attribute 'supports_gpu' of 'Metashape.Tasks.MergeChunks' objects is not writable"

kidnly help me in resolving this..

Code: [Select]
    task = Metashape.Tasks.MergeChunks()
    task.chunks = [chunk.key for chunk in doc.chunks]
    task.copy_point_clouds = True
    task.merge_assets = True
    task.supports_gpu = True

Python and Java API / Extract conents of report using Python
« on: February 18, 2023, 08:57:32 AM »
Hello all. I am trying to fetch the contents of the results using Python, that are there when we do "Generate Report" in Agisoft.
Usually on the 2nd page of report, we have "Survey Data". I want to get the contents of that. More specifically, I want to fetch the value corresponding to "Coverage Area" and Resolution.
Basically I am making a csv file, where I am putting the values of total Cameras, Total RMSE Projection Error, Total Marker Error, Resolution and Coverage Area.
So far I have succeeded in getting total no. of cameras (easy), RMSE for cameras. Total error of marker, I am still trying, with little success, but for Resolution and "Coverage Area", I have no clue.
Kindly someone help me regarding that.. Please..

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