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General / 480 cam 4D rig anyone ?
« on: July 22, 2014, 12:08:01 PM »

Face and Body Scanning / More 3D printed figures...Agisoft ?
« on: August 16, 2013, 12:21:11 AM »
I hate to link to anything to do with the Daily Fail >:( but here you go:

A company in Texas apparently called Captured Dimensions...must be using Photoscan I would presume.

Face and Body Scanning / Studio Lighting Colour Temp..a survey of sorts
« on: August 01, 2013, 07:13:21 PM »
With all the talk in recent days of the importance of a deep depth of field and using large f-numbers for body/head scanning and the high light levels that this requires...

I'm interested to know what CCT (correlated colour temperature) people would prefer to work with for their scanning studio lighting. 3200K, 4000K,5000k, 5600k,6500K! etc. ? and the reasons why.

Lets just pretend that you had a choice and it didn't just come down to the lamps supplied with your studio flash, what would you choose and why ?

Would you also like to use a continuous light if possible ?

Looking forward to hearing some replies.


General / Noise removal..
« on: December 19, 2011, 04:12:07 PM »
Has anyone got any tips on reducing or removing surface noise in the mesh that photoscan builds?

At the moment i'm using Zbrush and "manually' smoothing the mesh..whilst this works i would like to find a method to reduce noise at the build stage in Photoscan with out removing/flattening features.


Feature Requests / texture requests and some other questions..
« on: December 09, 2011, 02:33:56 AM »
First off this is mix of suggestions and not really sure if it should be here or the general forum

I've been using Photoscan for quite a while now,I'm very happy with the mesh it builds...but i have a few problems with the texturing side of things.

I'm working with a fixed camera rig, only 3 cams at the moment but will be expanding it.

I am photographing faces/heads..the person sits inside a dome of controlled LED lights that i have built,the lights are programmed to run through a sequence whilst the cams take a shot at every step of this sequence.
The setup is similar to Debevecs 'Lightstage'...the point of the 'special' lighting is to achieve a normal map that can add a high level of fine detail to the mesh that i get from photoscan.

I use the first shot(GI-all lights on) from each camera in photoscan to build the mesh.

My first issue is that if i use photoscan to build the UV's and textures then the blending is really not very gives a lot of visible smears and almost semi transparent 'ghosting'.

What is the method used for the blending?...i'm interested in this because i have built a rig/node setup in cinema 4D that blends photos that are camera mapped to a head mesh and it seems to work a bit better than the photoscan blending even on a much lower res mesh.

At the moment my only alternative in photoscan is to use the 'single photo' option  to make the texture from each camera then export to photoshop to clean up.
To aid with this method it would be great if a layered file could be exported with masks for the image from each camera.

Due to my 'special light rig' i also have another problem with the texturing in photoscan.
Once i have built my mesh using the GI photo from each camera..i want to be able to swap the GI image out and replace with another image lit differently but taken from the same generate other texture maps on the same mesh
The only way i can find to do this is by renaming my photo..which is a very clumsy and confusing there an alternative that does not involve rebuilding the mesh?
I know that its maybe a very specialist request, but it would be great to make this image swapping can't be that complicated can it?

General questions and a bug? :

When exporting model and cameras from photoscan using collada....if i tick the 'separate chunks' in the export options, then when I open the file in cinema 4D i get a model...if i don't tick this box, the file is opened by cinema 4D but contains nothing...but i don't want 'separate chunks' just one mesh.

There seems to be some strange random rotation and scaling issues with the exported models+cams
everything is often rotated by 90? and the axis is never in the middle of mesh...this can be a real pain,can anything be done about this?

Which parts of the build process are multi-threaded and whats the roadmap on this,will there be any changes?

Sorry if that sounds like a long list of complaints,but i do really love photoscan..the level of detail i'm getting using just a few photos is amazing.


Face and Body Scanning / New to Photoscan-Some questions..
« on: March 30, 2011, 02:45:34 PM »
HI, i've been using Photoscan for a few days and i'm amazed at what this software can do..really really amazed! Great work Dmitry on creating this tool.

I'm mostly interested in using Photoscan to build models of human heads,so have been taking about 50-100 photos of the subject with a Canon 450D(image size-2848x4272)

Aligning the photos has been going well,but i'm having some problems when it comes to build the geometry.If i attempt to build the geometry on High+Smooth or Exact settings with 50+ photos then Photoscan will freeze up after a very long time(e.g 7 hours) or crash...
I'm working on a 3.2 8Core MacPro with 10GB Ram and 8800GT the problem my setup do you think?

Also some workflow questions:

I have read in the manual that the build or rather, what is built can be controlled by using the Volume select or masks applied to the photos...using the Volume select does not seem very accurate to me and masking the photos whilst it can be done is a lot of work if you have over 50 photos....

It would be great if it was possible to select and delete unwanted points that are created in the pointcloud when you align the pics...i can't find a way to do this in photoscan, is it possible?
I don't know how the points in the pointcloud relate to the final Geometry so not sure if that would make any sense... its possible to export the pointcloud, could you delete these extra points in another software and then re-import back to Photoscan?

I see that the built Geometry can be edited in another software to remove polygons or fill holes and UVmapping then sent back to Photoscan to build the texture....How much editing can be done to the mesh? Can i totally retopologize the mesh then send it back to build the texture? or does some kind of point order of the .obj need to be maintained?

What tips would you recommend for lighting for photos and Geometry build settings to achieve fine sharp detail in the geometry?...i'm trying get as much skin detail as possible transferred from photo to mesh.

Sorry for the long post and maybe some silly questions,but i'm loving this software just after a few days and really want to push it as far as possible.


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