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I think this is a Bug (0.8.5):

When I want to fix the calibration PS has to use the initial parameters. But if there was a previous self calibration (without Fix Calibration -> initial Parameter != refined parameters), in a subsequent optimize process with Fix Calibration PS seems to use (and fix) the refined parameters from the previous self calibration -> the refined parameters after the optimizing WITH Fix Parameters are not equal to the initial parameters!
So I have to re-align the photos if I want to use fixed camera calibration values.

General / Holes in Height Field
« on: May 08, 2012, 12:16:42 PM »

I've got some troubles with height field reconstruction from aerial photos. The building roofs are not reconstructed in some cases, while neighboring roofs of buildings with same size are correctly (see attachment, settings: ultra high, sharp).
Whats the reason for this problem? Is it depending on the parameters P1 and P2? The overlap between the photos should be sufficient (each point of the region is visible on min 4 photos).

When I extract the depth map of the photos, this buildings roofs are clearly visible.


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