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Is there a way to convert agisoft lense data (fx, fy, cx, cy, K1, K2, K3, P1, P2) to the 3DE lens distortion plugin kit values?

It requires (for the most simple "classic" model) :
x Offset
y Offset
Cuvature X
Curvature Y
Anamorphic squeeze

Originally used in the 3D equalizer matchmoving software, it is now available in Cinema 4D (3D modelling), Nuke and even After Effects.


I'm a happy user of Photoscan Standard, but also a video fx artist and I was wondering if there was anyway to create a special version/mode of Photoscan to specially deal with stereo videos and only outputting the depthmap/disparity as another video (3D mesh would probably be overkill at that stage).

I see the math and all the building blocks are here already in Photoscan : selecting stereo pairs and creating depth maps but the workflow isn't adapted to video (25fps x 2 eyes : 50 frames per second to match/solve/retrieve by hand)

Ideally a plugin for Aftereffects and such would be great, but a nice and simple standalone app (or a special mode in photoscan) would certainly be a great step forward.

With more and more affordable 3D camcorders and bigger 3D productions, there's definitely a market for that. I know I would pay a premium for that.

Thanks for your consideration.

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