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Bug Reports / Agisoft projects not opening
« on: December 03, 2015, 08:26:20 AM »
Good Day,

I am experiencing a problem that it is a bit strange, two of my pojects, (.psz files) do not not open correctly. I can open the files, and photoscan starts to open it, but then the program stops responding. I have tried leaving the projects on for quite a few hours, but still no luck. the two file sizes are 7.3gb and 3.6gb respectively, and we have done much bigger projects, so I am unsure what caused this.

Anyone have any ideas as to what I can do? I would like to recover the two files, since my backups are saved at a point before I built my mesh and classified  ground points, so it will take a while to rerun those processes.

Other than this little problem, the software is great! thanks guys

General / Classification of Ground points
« on: July 11, 2015, 04:47:34 PM »

Have experienced problems with the classification in the sense that when building the mesh and selecting only the ground points to be used , the resulting DEM would still include buildings & trees.

The automatic  classification generates "Unclassified"  , "Ground" & "Low Point (noise)" with the ground showing brown and all other (buildings and trees)  showing in white. Using this classification and building the mesh it seems the buildings and trees are not removed and still included in the final DEM
When manual classification is done and building & trees are defined as such they will change from being shown in white to the resulting Red & green and the resulting DEM from the mesh would would have these building and trees excluded.

Also when writing a LAS file and selecting only the ground points to be exported the resulting DEM generated from the LAS still include buildings & trees


We are using ver 1.1.6 64 bit , previously the automatic classification successfully managed to remove all buildings & trees.


I am modifying a sample script from Alexey from a previous version (1.0.0) to try and make it compatable with v1.1.0.  My knowledge of Python is limited and have a hard time finding samples of changes implemented in v1.1.0.  Please help.

I have defined my projection in a local coordinate system and would like to export single cameras as single ortho photos, type Planar, projection plane Top XY.  Attached is the modified script.  I get stuck at line 106,  PhotoScan.Matrix object has no attribute 'matrix'.

Thank you.

General / Corridor Mapping
« on: December 30, 2012, 09:53:26 AM »
This has been touched on in some of the posts. I have only done project of this nature and it dit not work very well. I have noticed that square project process well with no problems , but as soon as you have a long slim rectangular project the problems start.
To use both the camera positions and the GCP's seems to help a lot.
Any idea's or experiences with corridor surveys that has worked well.
Has anyone tried to introduce tie strips?

General / LAS files with a shift
« on: December 28, 2012, 09:09:49 PM »
I am a surveyor working mostly in Namibia and we have a rather standard projection.
A Transverse Mercator , two degrees wide per panel and based on the the odd longitudes
lines e.g. 13, 15, 17 Deg. East .
Our Northing's  is based are base on the 22 deg. South latitude and we use the Besels 1841
The system is called Schwarzeck and for example the the Lo panel 15 is the standard
EPSG : 29375 projection - catered for and working perfectly in PS.
The problem I do have is that the LAS files generated are positioned roughly 1 deg. ,
85km to 110km wrong when viewed in Global Mapper and overlaid with the TIFF
images or the DEM that all plot perfectly.

Can anyone offer a possible explanation?


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