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General / Assistance in verifying licence
« on: March 17, 2017, 12:54:18 AM »
So, recently, our State ITSD decided to block the web hosting service that Agisoft sits on (mainly due to the amount of malware and such coming off of the hosting service). Its not Agisoft itself that is blocked, but just the web service.

 What this has done is blocked me from the Agisoft website. I managed to download the latest update to the software (using my tablet then transferring it over), but since it couldn't ping your key server, it dropped my key and only installed the demo. I've now connected via wireless modem (Verizon) as a workaround, and have tried to re-enter my key, but I get an error message when I try to validate, stating that there was a network error caused by a anitvirus (we only use Microsoft), firewall (that is controlled at the ITSD level, local FW is off) or proxy server (not using a proxy). By chance are you guys having network issues atm, or have any suggestions on how I can get it to validate correctly?

Bug Reports / Re: 3D Data parsing error
« on: October 20, 2015, 08:25:57 PM »
That did it, thanks Alexey.
Doesn't look as good, but I can play with it to see what Adobe can handle.

Bug Reports / 3D Data parsing error
« on: October 20, 2015, 05:35:07 PM »
Still a relatively new user of this program though I've had it a while.

Trying to export a model to a 3D PDF. Though it is a large model (created from 300 aerial geo-tiff images, total data size of 5.2 gigs), it processed through the workflow just fine. When I export it to PDF, it seems to take a unusually long time (at least over 4 hrs, left it cranking all night). Resulted in a 63 mb pdf. When I try to open the PDF, I get a error message indicating "A 3D data parsing error has occurred".

Seems like its not exporting out the model correctly. Any help on what could be causing this?

Got it... TYVM.

New user here, so please be kind.
Using Win 7 Enterprise, 64 GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro k500.

After the initial install of APS, created several projects to "play" with prior to updating to version 1.0.4. Doing DEM/orthophoto projects. Was able to follow the workflow process with no problems, dispite having less than desirable photos to begin with. Didn't matter much, was just learning.

Patched to the newest version. Reprocessed some of the old projects from beginning to see improvements and learn new workflow.  Seemed to process through the workflow just fine.  Then yesterday, I started up a brand new project (mining depression). Aligned photos, adjusted region, created dense cloud.  However, now at this point, there seems to be no change in the density of the cloud. I then try to build the mesh.  The request processes, but no mesh appears on the model.  I then build texture, again, it processes but no texture appears on the model.  Confused, I go back to my other projects (3-4 other small projects) one of which was saved with a completed workflow. The completed one no longer had a mesh or texture. I try resetting the alignments and reworking the workflow, but now get same results, no dense cloud change, no mesh, and no texture applied, even though the processes seem to still run. I've created several brand new projects from scratch, using the same photos as the previous projects. Still get the same issue.   
I fully admit that I'm not using a good set of photos, but was getting the workflow process to operate fine (at a practice level) before. Not sure I can even pont my finger at the upgrade since it did work properly for a while after the patch. Wondering if this is just an odd bug and I need to reinstall.

Any assistance appreciated.

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