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General / Re: CPU and GPU benchmarks
« on: September 25, 2014, 04:29:13 PM »
a few month ago i put together a workstation for Photoscanon paper for our Organisation.
It featured a i7-4960X, 64GB DDR3 as main components.
Now we finally got the OK from the purchasing office and got the money.

In the meantime intel released its new Haswell-E processors.
The 5960X and the 5930k... i now wonder if i should stick with my old configuration or if i should put
together a new one? The 5960X offers more cores but is more expensive. The 5930K is a lot cheaper than the 4960X, but how would the performance compare in Photoscan. I also read that both new cpu wont beat the 4960X on single thread performance.

Another Problem is the budget, both new cpu require a new, more expensive MB and RAM. My budget is quite fixed so if i got a i7-5960X i would definatly have to get rid of 32GB RAM for now.
With the cheaper 5930K i could stick with 64GB, maybe even get a better gpu as before.

what would you suggest?

The System will be used for 3D documentation of smaller artifacts (but many) and for orthophoto & DEM generation of smaller areas created with a balloon or drone.

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