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General / Export xml from 3DSMax
« on: December 07, 2016, 12:29:50 AM »
Trying to export marker positions and camera position and orientation from 3DSMax into XML file. Have been able to successfully export marker 2D images for each frame but not sure camera is working. Am exporting marker and camera positioning data from Syntheyes and using a custom Maxscript to convert points and camera into marker xml and camera xml file to input within Photoscan.

Code: [Select]
CameraMatrix3 = camera_out.transform.rotation as matrix3
CameraMatrix3array = #()
CameraMatrix3array = (filterstring (CameraMatrix3 as string) "[,]") --[1] as float)
CameraMatrix3string = CameraMatrix3array[2] + " " + CameraMatrix3array[3] + " " + CameraMatrix3array[4] + " " + CameraMatrix3array[6] + " " + CameraMatrix3array[7] + " " + CameraMatrix3array[8]  + " " + CameraMatrix3array[10]  + " " + CameraMatrix3array[11] + " " + CameraMatrix3array[12] + " " + CameraMatrix3array[14] + " " + CameraMatrix3array[15] + " " + CameraMatrix3array[16]

Example data from following code would give me following:
Code: [Select]
      <camera id="0" label="bow-test-_00000.jpg" sensor_id="0" enabled="true">
        <resolution width="1920" height="1080" />
        <transform>0.985758 -0.168169 0.001091 -0.00274616 -0.00960994 0.99995 -0.16815 -0.985711 -0.0099349 0 0 0</transform>

Am also not providing all intrinsic values of camera and only provide x and focal length:
Code: [Select]
      <sensor id="0" label="unknown" type="frame">
        <resolution width="1920" height="1080" />
        <property name="fixed" value="false" />
        <calibration type="frame" class="initial">
          <resolution width="1920" height="1080" />

Region is also being disregarded. Would including this help? So far importing camera xml is not showing anything on screen.

Should intrinsic values of camera be set to 'initial' or 'adjusted'?

General / rotoscoping fish
« on: November 15, 2016, 09:11:51 AM »
Am working on a project mapping wreck site and am running into problem with rotoscoping fish. Does anyone know of any way to potentially auto roto fish into separate matte using After Effects? Am researching other methods to be able to photoscan wreck while removing fish from tracking.

One method I'm considering is camera tracking in a separate software package the camera path and exporting camera position, orientation, and focal length into Photoscan via xml ('import camera'). While this would not help with matting of fish would this help Photoscan processing with known correct camera position?

Camera Calibration / underwater lens calibration
« on: November 15, 2015, 10:30:06 PM »
Am looking into way to calibrate camera lens for underwater photogrammetry using Agisoft Photoscan. Am planning on calibrating using Agisoft Lens and a printed calibration grid. Am wanting to calibrate at multiple depths where different temperature and depths can be recorded.

Should I expect much difference between parameters using these variables or would it be better to calibrate lens for a single underwater calibration? Also would multiple images need to be captured or could a single image be used for each re-calculation at depth? Was planning on using multiple images for calculation for initial camera calibration and using single image for each additional re-calculation with depth and temp change.

Camera Calibration / video exif
« on: April 06, 2015, 10:43:37 PM »
I'm trying to generate video exif data for exported image sequence. Methodology is that I calibrated with Agisoft Lens an image group (capturing Agisoft Lens grid pattern) as well as a video (exported image sequence from AfterFX). Was able to get an accurate calibration using image data because exif data existed with images. Rendered video files did not include exif data but as able to generate a calibration but with inaccurate camera parameter data such as ccd size. Is there a way to batch modify a group of images to include exif data for focal length, fov, CoC, aperture, etc.?

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