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Aaslestad, for the moment you can just toggle that feature off when you want to pin markers on unaligned photos. A five-second inconvenience.

The Refine Markers seems to have no effect on green flagged-markers that were created when Refine Markers was unchecked (disabled). However, if the markers were placed with Refine Markers enabled, green flags placed on unaligned photos do disappear.

To reproduce:
1. Start from any model with some aligned and unaligned photos.
2. Make sure Refine Markers is enabled.
3. Create a new marker on aligned photos.
4. Place that same marker on the unaligned photo (right-click, place marker).

After about a second, the green flag marker will disappear from the unaligned photo.

The setting "refine marker projections based on image content" is great, but it also removes placed markers from unaligned photos. I'd like to be able to set a few markers to help align troublesome photos without changing settings. Please consider skipping automatic marker adjustment for unaligned photos. Thanks!

Using PhotoScan Professional x64, latest version (1.3.4 b5067).

Whatever was happening with the EXIF data, PhotoScan was rotating the images properly in the Photos pane, then processing them improperly when applying the imported mask. I'm not sure whether these two tasks are coded differently, or whether the mask itself is getting flipped somehow.

The orientation both in the Photos pane and in the individual photo view that opens when you double-click on the photo.

If you select a mix of portrait-oriented and landscape-oriented photos and move them to a new chunk with the right-click context menu, the process rotates all of the portrait-oriented photos so that all photos in the new chunk are landscape-oriented.

A minor inconvenience. Version 1.2.6-2834.

Someone turned on the date stamp before taking several hundred photos. I created a JPG mask and exported it, then selected all of the landscape-oriented photos and imported the mask (from file, replacement, selected cameras) with no problem. But when I did the same thing for portrait-oriented photos, about half of the masks ended up in the upper-left corner instead of the lower-right. Windows and the PhotoScan Photos pane agree which way is "up" in those photos, so I'm not sure why this happened. I think the orientation came from the Canon camera, if that makes a difference.

This is a very minor bug. Version 1.2.6-2834, on Windows 10.


Feature Requests / Better Photo View Keyboard Shortcuts
« on: October 28, 2016, 09:29:51 PM »
I've been masking a few thousand photos, and I find the current shortcuts unnecessarily difficult (1.2.6-2834). For example, "add selection" should not require three keys (ctrl-shift-a) if "a" is available. Just "a" alone would be much easier. Similarly, "s" could subtract the selection.

I would also appreciate alternative next/previous photo keys of "x" and "z" or something that doesn't require me to move my hand back-and-forth across the keyboard for each photo. Page down/up could still also do next/previous, if it's okay to have multiple options.

Perhaps "d" could toggle between enabling and disabling a photo, and shift-d to remove.

I see that custom shortcut keys have been requested since 2012, but perhaps some alternative or replacement shortcuts would be easier (trivial?) to implement -- and save my wrists.


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