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Bug Reports / Re: UTM Model Export Failing
« on: February 27, 2017, 07:19:11 PM »
Hi Alexey,

Thanks for responding so quickly.  I'm not sure I follow.  UTM units are in meters on the Northing (Y), Easting (X), and Elevation (Z) axes, not degrees?  Do you mean the different coordinate value sizes due to the systems of false northings and false eastings? 

I will try to export the model using offsets.  Are the offset boxes in the order FOR "X", "Y", and "Z" offsets? Should I also use negative values?

Thanks for you help, I really appreciate it!


Bug Reports / UTM Model Export Failing
« on: February 27, 2017, 06:51:06 PM »
Hi all,

I've seen similar posts about this issue in the past, but no resolution so I am posing the question again, please excuse me if there is a solution and I just haven't encountered it on the forums yet.

I have a model of a cave, which I have georectified to UTM Zone 35 South within AgiSoft Pro version 1.3.  I am trying to export the model as a DAE or 3DS file so that I can integrate it into my 3D GIS databases within ESRI ArcScene and ArcGIS Pro.  The Agisoft Project settings are set to UTM Zone 35 South, but when I export my model and set the output coordinate system to either Zone 35 South or to generic WGS84 then the model renders in ArcGIS as a block mess.  The position if fine, but the model itself is corrupted.  If I export the model in local coordinates then the model looks perfectly fine in ArcGIS, but the geographic position is completely off.  I've tried shifting the exported UTM model with no luck and I have, at this point, probably exported about 5 dozen different models, testing various parameters, again with no luck.  Does anyone have a workaround?



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