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Thanks! For the info. I will update the firmware and acquire new images so I can try Agisoft with the RedEdge.

So basically I cannot do anything with my current images taken with the older firmware version?

Here the settings I used (see attachment). However, I was pretty sure that I selected Use sun sensor. I don't know why it isn't selected anymore

Hi Alex,

sorry for my late response. Here a Dropbox link with some images:



I get the following (see attachment)

Any news for my problem?

Hi Alexey,

Is this the log file that you ask? (the file is too large to be publish in the forum)

Thanks for your support


I tried to process twice images from the MicaSense RedEdge-3 sensor. I did the Align Photo, Build Dense Cloud, Build Mesh, Build DEM, and Build Orthomosaic. Everything seems normal. When I tried to double click on Orthomosaic so I can open it, all the photos became blank and the ortho also became blank (see attachment). I tried to export the ortho in QGIS but it is still blank. I tried to delete and re-generate the ortho but everything is still blank. When I tried to see the DEM, everything is normal. The problem is only with the orthophoto and images. I'm using PhotoScan Pro 1.4.1.

Thank you for all your help

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