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Suppose I have a processed chunk of aligned cameras for which I have a mesh/dsm and a dense point cloud. I would like to obtain, for each aligned camera/photo in the chunk, a three-channel floating point raster of the same dimensions as the photo that provides the cartographic x, y and z to which each pixel in the photo corresponds, at least for those pixels that were used to generate a point in the dense point cloud.  Is there any way to obtain this information in Metashape?

General / Re: Again: Detecting Coded Targets
« on: July 20, 2018, 11:15:33 PM »
Thanks widproz.

We intend to send a number of CT targets to a signage company for printing in 2 by 2 feet (60cm) white plastic squares, so that they can be reused for different missions instead of printing them in paper each time. We usually work with GSDs from 5 cm to a few mm, so it looks like that the automated CT detection would only work for a narrower range using the the 2'x2' targets (15 cm diameter for the central circle). If Alexey could confirm what the minimum diameter in pixels of the central black circle can be, we could estimate that range...

General / Re: Again: Detecting Coded Targets
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:39:50 PM »
So the central black circle in the CT should not exceed 30 pixels in diameter, but what  would be the minimum diameter in pixels? If you can see the attachment I included in this post, the central black circle in this case (12 bit CT #3) is 5 pixels in diameter, but was not detected (and neither were two other CTs we deployed in this UAV test) in any of the dozens of images where it was visible. Alex, is it too small, are there other problems, or what is your recommendation?

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