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Dear all,
First,  I apologize for my low nevel of english.

I have doubt. I'm following this tutorial  where it's said that "Metashape Professional is performing the reflectance calibration operation according to MicaSense recommendations. So the values in the output bands would sill be 16 bit integer values like the input values, but 100% reflectance for each band would correspond to the middle of the available range, i.e. to 32768 value. In case it is necessary to export the reflectance normalized to 0 - 1 range, then it is required to create Output bands in the Raster Calculator dialog and for each one of them input the formular that divides the source value by the normalization factor: B1/32768; B2/32768; B3/32768; B4/32768; B5/32768". However, when I do this, I get reflectance normalized values between 0 and 2. Therefore, would I have to divide by the higher value for each band which in this case is 65536 to get reflectance normalized values between 0 and 1?


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