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Camera Calibration / Phantom 4 RTK Lens parameters
« on: December 20, 2019, 11:29:15 AM »
Hello everyone,
I was wondering whereas I didn't find any clear anwser (might be so obvious for everyone but me?!?) about the following:
what will be the best practice regarding photo parameter using P4 RTK in order to achieve photogrammetry?
i.e. using dewarp ON within GS Pro or DJI Pilot or using dewarp OFF ?
In my opinion and regarding Agisoft (that i use) recommandation the photo should be as "natural" as possible ("Metashape operates with the original images. So do not crop or geometrically transform, i.e. resize or rotate, the images").
Does anyone conduct photogrammetry process comparaison over 2 sets of data with those 2 parameters?

However if the answer is to use dewarp as OFF:
Should I assume that built in configuration of the lens found within XMP metadata are just craps regarding to the following post ?:  and

Or anyone as other results ?

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