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General / Re: Agisoft Metashape 1.7.0 pre-release
« on: November 09, 2020, 06:52:46 PM »
I got following error generating Dense cloud:

2020-11-07 00:06:53 BuildDenseCloud: quality = High, depth filtering = Mild, PM version, point colors = 1
2020-11-07 00:06:53 Generating depth maps...
2020-11-07 00:06:53 Preparing 48 cameras info...
2020-11-07 00:06:53 Finished processing in 0.026 sec (exit code 0)
2020-11-07 00:06:53 Error: Assertion 23910910010 failed at line 54!

The data set consists of 48 Phantom3 images with rolling shutter compensation on. Optimization was done with Fit Additional parameters on...

I Reported this as a bug some days ago: once you switch the compensation off, some tears of pain are shed due to high pixel matching errors, but still you get your point cloud. At this stage I'm wondering if this compensation is of any use as there is the option for Image-Variant Parameters. With the new pre-release version I can't even align images, but at least can see that the same rolling shutter compensation issue hasn't been completely addressed yet on projects aligned using the previous pre-release. Still, the software has included some nice settings, and is creating better models than previous official releases, I find.


Hi all

Great work on the pre-release. As found by others, some processes run very slow. The main issue I've found is that after enabling the Rolling Shutter Compensation in the camera calibration window, I get an error "Assertion 23910910010 failed at line 54!". I have tried this with different datasets, on different computers (using the pre-release professional version),and the error pops up. My workflow is as usual: alignment
3.create dense cloud.

I've noticed that once this additional correction isn't enabled, the dense point cloud process works away.

Kind regards

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