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Feature Requests / Re: Turn off depth filtering
« on: June 26, 2021, 01:32:34 AM »

Is this feature available? I am using 1.7.3, when I try to disableFiltering, I get the following error...

Thank you in advance.

2021-06-25 22:21:25     build_depth_maps = DepthMaps(args.imageFolder, args.modelName, args)
2021-06-25 22:21:25   File "C:\", line 42, in __init__
2021-06-25 22:21:25     "build_dense_filtering": {  "disabled": Metashape.DisabledFiltering, "mild": Metashape.MildFiltering, "moderate": Metashape.ModerateFiltering, "aggressive": Metashape.AggressiveFiltering }.get(self.config["buildDenseCloud"]["depthFiltering"]),
2021-06-25 22:21:25 AttributeError: module 'Metashape' has no attribute 'DisabledFiltering'
2021-06-25 22:21:25 Error: module 'Metashape' has no attribute 'DisabledFiltering'

Python and Java API / Re: Update view and bounding box for each chunk
« on: March 23, 2021, 06:01:14 AM »
Thank you Alex,

I am able to get the width and height using and


Hello Alex,

Thank you for your response.

I tired increasing the "tiePointLimit", but the top of the model still seems to be chopped off. I am attaching two example, where I increased the tiePointLimit from 4000 to 6000/8000 (with keyPointLimit at 40000), but the top is still getting chopped off. Is there any other way I can set the BB height dynamically? or try to estimate the where the model height ends? 

Thank you



I have this issue where the top of the model keeps getting chopped off by the bounding box. As you can see the sparse cloud has points, but the BB seems to ignore it. Is it possible to set the top of the BB using density of sparse cloud? or really any other way to programmatically to not have the top chopped off using Python?

Thank you


Python and Java API / Re: Update view and bounding box for each chunk
« on: March 22, 2021, 07:28:46 PM »

Code: [Select]
        chunk = doc.chunks[len(doc.chunks) - 1]

        T = chunk.transform.matrix
        viewpoint =
        cx = viewpoint.width
        cy = viewpoint.height

I am trying to get the 'width' and 'height' of viewpoint, but I am getting the following error. I am using 1.7.2

2021-03-22 12:20:46 Traceback (most recent call last):
2021-03-22 12:20:46   File "/Users/photogrammetry/", line 33, in <module>
2021-03-22 12:20:46     init_photogrammetry.autoCorrectBoundingBox()
2021-03-22 12:20:46   File "/Users/photogrammetry/", line 334, in autoCorrectBoundingBox
2021-03-22 12:20:46     cx =
2021-03-22 12:20:46 AttributeError: 'getset_descriptor' object has no attribute 'width'
2021-03-22 12:20:46 Error: 'getset_descriptor' object has no attribute 'width'

any suggestions? I am thinking theres been changes to 1.7.2 version for the viewpoint. How do I access 'width' and 'height'?

Thank you


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