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General / Re: RUCOM - what’s the future for Metashape
« on: March 10, 2022, 07:37:50 PM »
I've been rather worried about this too.  Metashape is, as far as I know, the only real photogrammetry software for MacOS.  I rely on it.

Bug Reports / Re: Mac NSView error message
« on: March 07, 2022, 09:03:32 PM »
I'm on MacOS 12.2.1.  I didn't do anything unusual.  I just set a batch to run 5 chunks, set my Mac to not sleep for 2 hours (because Metashape isn't telling MacOS not to sleep during processing, so my Mac sleeps otherwise).  I left the room, went to bed, and in the morning it was done and I saw that message.

I'm on a new MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip.  It has never shown me this message before.

Bug Reports / Mac NSView error message
« on: March 07, 2022, 06:00:02 PM »
I just got an error message at the end of a Batch that I've never seen before:

Back buffer dpr of 1 doesn't match <_NSViewBackingLayer...

It looks like a MacOS NSView error dealing with the window system.  Didn't affect the results of the batch, but I figured I'd report it.

Bug Reports / Re: Metashape stops when Mac sleeps
« on: February 21, 2022, 11:22:40 PM »
This issue is still driving me crazy.  I cannot leave the room for long while Metashape is working because if my Mac goes to sleep it stops Metashape.  So, what should have been a 40 minutes process ends up taking hours because it only continues when I wake the Mac back up

As previously mentioned, there's a simple way for the application to prevent the Mac from auto-sleeping while Metashape is still working.

Bug Reports / Re: Console log stops updating after Minimize -> de-Minimize
« on: February 07, 2022, 05:12:24 PM »
I just use the built-in stuff as shown in the attached screenshots.


Bug Reports / Console log stops updating after Minimize -> de-Minimize
« on: February 05, 2022, 12:10:30 AM »
Here's a very minor bug in 1.8.1.  If I Click the Minimize button in the progress window it makes the main window go away.  But if I then bring the main window back, the Console log still stop updating in that window.  It continues to update in the Progress window, but not the main workspace window.  It's just frozen where it was when I minimized the window.

Additionally, when processing is complete nothing in the main window responds.  I cannot select a chunk or the finished model or anything.  In other words:  minimizing the main window and then un-minimizaing it during processing causes it to become non-responsive.

This is on a MacBook Pro M1 Max.

Bug Reports / Re: VK Error when creating textures in 1.8
« on: January 08, 2022, 05:37:46 AM »
MacBook Pro M1 Max

Bug Reports / VK Error when creating textures in 1.8
« on: January 08, 2022, 02:04:04 AM »
I saw this problem in the beta, but it's still spitting out this error message in the 1.8 release:

Failed to initialize context. Reason: VK Error : VkResult is "ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" at line 66

The textures still get created just fine, but I see that error in the log pretty much every time.

General / Re: Agisoft Metashape 1.8.0 pre-release
« on: January 02, 2022, 12:57:51 AM »
Well, this is interesting. I just re-ran three chunks that failed miserably with the last 1.8 beta. I ran them with the release version of 1.8 and they all came out perfect. Same exact settings as I ran with the beta. The only difference is that when I did these with the beta I had multiple chunks running in the batch. This time I just did one chunk at a time with the same batch script.  I will have to check later if the problem was caused by having multiple chunks, or if that’s just coincidence and something major got fixed in the release version of 1.8.  Either way this was a very surprising result, because the difference between what I got a couple days ago and what I just got now is night and day.

General / Re: Agisoft Metashape 1.8.0 pre-release
« on: January 01, 2022, 06:37:56 PM »
Yep, Mesh from Depth Maps in 1.8 is still nowhere near as good as it was in 1.7.3, but the release version is definitely better than 1.7.4 thru earlier 1.8 betas.   I keep trying to use 1.8, but inevitably I have to go back to 1.7.3 to get usable results.

General / Re: Agisoft Metashape 1.8.0 pre-release
« on: December 30, 2021, 04:39:31 PM »
Alexey, I do see that the mesh generated by 1.7 is a little bit larger (less crop) than 1.8.  That is interesting that 1.8 cropped it in more than 1.7.  Any reason why it would be different?  I've had scans cropped pretty tight on 1.7 before and never had a problem with the projection mapping, however.  Is there anything I can do on my end to make this come out correctly on 1.8?


General / Re: Agisoft Metashape 1.8.0 pre-release
« on: December 30, 2021, 01:24:19 AM »
Thanks, Alexey!  I've always wondered how the orothophoto plane is determined.  How does Metashape determine where the Z-axis is to project the texture along?  I've done about 500 of these things, and previously it always managed to correctly project straight down the object's z-axis.  This is the first time it hasn't, and I don't know what is different that would cause it.  Also, why did it project correctly in 1.7.3? 


General / Re: Agisoft Metashape 1.8.0 pre-release
« on: December 28, 2021, 07:53:45 PM »
Sorry, but another bug to report.  I normally do Orthophoto texture map generation at 8192x8192 for my scans.  Today I decided to try a Generic texture instead, and it froze up 73% of the way in.  The only way out is to Force-Quit Metashape.  I tried a 2nd time and the same thing happened but at 74%. 

Of course when I do it with 1.7.3 it works perfectly.   Only freezes up on 1.8 :(

I have uploaded the test project here:

General / Re: Agisoft Metashape 1.8.0 pre-release
« on: December 28, 2021, 06:22:50 PM »
Sorry for always being the bearer of bad news, but it seems every day I encounter a new issue with 1.8 that works perfectly in 1.7.3.

Here is a new issue that came up yesterday on several objects that I tried processing from one customer.  First some explanation what we are doing:  We make 3D printed display bases.  The customer makes an impression mold of the object they want a base made for.  Then they photograph the mold and upload the photos to us where we process them in Metashape and build their display base in Blender.  That's why in all of my samples you see a box of sand and a ruler.  The ruler is for scale, and the box of sand is the impression mold the customer makes.

In this case, the customer used a featureless white box to hold the sand (I don't know why his photos are all tinted pink).  Metashape obviously cannot properly scan the blank white surface, so that geometry is never reproduced in any version of Metashape.  No big deal since we don't care about the box anyway.  However, in 1.9 the area of the box that didn't scan is causing the ruler nearby to have the texture map incorrectly generated.  In these photos you can see that it came out perfectly in 1.7.3, but with 1.8 there is some incorrect texture overlapping the ruler.

I have uploaded the entire project with a Chunk done in 1.9 and a Chunk done with 1.7.3 so you can easily compare.  I have also included the Batch file I used in each version.  The Batches are identical.

General / Re: Agisoft Metashape 1.8.0 pre-release
« on: December 28, 2021, 05:11:28 PM »
Unfortunately, there’s no way to do Gradual Selection in a batch :(

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