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Hello DavidD,

We are working on new depth maps generation procedure improvement in order to optimize the VRAM consumption and avoid CPU fallbacks (at least on GPUs with 4+ GB VRAM).

As a workaround you can reduce the max_neighbors limit for the depth maps via tweaks, or see, if any external applications can be closed, that are using extra VRAM on 2080 Super GPU. You can use NVIDIA SMI to see, which processes are using GPU.


I've noticed something about this bug on my machine.

If I align a set of images, and then try to build the dense cloud afterwards I get the error even though my GPU have more ram than the dense cloud generation requires. If I then cancel the dense cloud generation and save my project, and then reboot the computer, open the project again and try to build the dense cloud it works!

It seems like the issue is related to clearing the VRAM or perhaps the program for some reason thinks we have less free VRAM than we actually have. Rebooting obviously clears the VRAM.

Just thought I'd mention this.

My PC:
1660 ti
64 GB ram
Ryzen 5 2600X

PS: Will the planned optimizatiom of the VRAM consumption reduce the quality/accuracy of the depth maps/dense cloud and/or texture? Converting the images to 8-bit obviously discards information, no? Quality is one of the strong points of Metashape, please now and in the future don't make changes that sacrifice quality over speed unless we can also override it! Thanks!

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