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I see. Thanks for clarifying that!


I'm trying to convert an OpenCV calibration into an Agisoft one. When I import an OpenCV calibration into Agisoft, and export it as an Agisoft xml. The values are mostly the same on both .xml, aside from c_x and c_y that had 0.5 added to them. Does anyone know why that is?

Many thanks!

Camera Calibration / Re: Workflow for Insta360 One X
« on: July 09, 2021, 06:20:45 PM »
Hi @Paulo,

I know this post hasn't been active for awhile. But I saw that you obtained
b1MS = fxOCV - fyOCV

So the affinity is computed in metashape as the difference of x and y focal lengths? I've been trying to convert a full calibration of OpenCV to Metashape and have been trying to find how to compute the affinity and skew and this is super relevant!


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