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Ok, no problem, i will send via email more info about the problem.

Bug Reports / Error when building tiled model from a loaded mesh
« on: May 19, 2022, 12:24:11 PM »
In one of my work pipelines I use Metashape to build tessellated and textured models from existing 3d models by loading the solid model. We load the solid model in STL format inside Metashape to texture it and build the tessellated model.

Original model is a STL file, see imagen model_solid attached to the post.

This process worked correctly in version 1.7, but now in the new version 1.8.1 and tested also in version 1.8.3 the tessellated model destroys the original geometry. Instead of triangulating correctly based on the solid model, it destroys the geometry and forms new polygons where they did not exist before.

Resulting tessellated model (version 1.8.3), see Tiled_Model_Solid image attached to the post.

Any idea why this may occur in the new version?
(in version 1.7.6 we have normally worked with this kind of formats and conversions without problems, we have tested the same model in this version and the tessellated model is created correctly).

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