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General / Re: Relinking Photos
« on: July 17, 2012, 08:21:46 AM »
If you've saved the project file (It'll be a .PSZ file) you can open it with 7Zip, it's a ZIP file.

Look for the "doc.xml" file.  Open it up in a text editor like Notepad++ or Notepad2.  The line <location path="filename.jpg" /> is what you're after.  You might be able to edit it to <location path="\\networkpc\directory\filename.jpg" />, though I've not tried that (no network at home).

If there are a lot of photos, use Search & Replace. Search for:
<location path="
Replace with:
<location path="newdirectory

After you edit it just put it back into the ZIP file (replace the old one).

I wouldn't mind seeing a "Save with photos" option.  It would be a huge file for some things but would make the PSZ 100% portable.

I found this when I was toying with structured light.   I take one with the projection and a second with just white light.  I align the structured light photos then edit the doc.xml file to replace all the photos with the white light ones and build the texture so I don't get all colour noise as a texture.  Works quite well, as long as you don't bump anything.

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