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Face and Body Scanning / Broad DOF vs image softening due to high f-stop
« on: February 28, 2013, 11:11:52 AM »
Fellow Photoscanners,

I am curious as to your findings about sweet spot for optimum quality of photos, both for building geometry and generating textures. Specifically, while scanning large (human) subjects, higher f-stop helps keep everything in perfect focus, at the price of per-pixel sharpness. On a typical Canon (crop) 55mm lenght (EF-S 18-55 kit lens), would you go f16 and higher? Is broader DOF worthy of softening images overall?



Hi there!

I am about to start building a lighting setup for scanning props and eventually people.

Will greatly appreciate any and all advice about what works and what doesn't :)

One of my options would be this: - sorry for weird (for most of you anyway) language - this is essentially twin 85 watt bulbs (continuous, not flash), with 90cm silver reflective umbrellas. One from lower angle and one from above (max 2,1m).
- Does that seem bright enough?
- Would three sets of these suffice or would I need four?
- What about getting those bright bulbs and reflective silver in my shots, would I be better off using semi-transparent light-scattering umbrellas instead? Or some ceiling/floor lighting setup to avoid lights behind photographed subject in my shots entirely?
- Maybe I am better off with non continuous, flash lighting? (although I'd rather avoid having synching issues)

Thanks in advance!


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