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Thank you.... :( I was running only PSCAN..... I'll ask the chair of my dept to write a note to Nvidia, we're big customer..... I'll reduce mesh density.... do you or Alexey have any suggestion for building geometry I'm working on High quality with 0 for face count (maximum) on a project with 250 cameras .... better restart the project now than getting stucked on a driver problem....

Thanks again!

Hello Alexey!

Thanks for being so fast with your answer! one of the aims of my dissertation is to compare laser scanning technology with photogrammetry (and at the same time compare different software) so far I'm amazed about your product (flexible, easy and accurate....) for this reason I'm pushing with meshes density, I'm currently working with about 15.000.000 faces and 100 cameras, that is quite small for the system I'm using I guess (Nvidia quadro 4000, 32 gb ram, i73930k).... I'm using latest drivers available.
I know you don't recommend quadro, but it's the only thing we have here at the dept....

thanks again,


General / VC problems, my nvidia pny quadro 4000 crashes! Can anybody help?
« on: February 15, 2013, 05:55:34 PM »
Hi everybody,

I'm a phd student, i just got Photoscan pro, my dissertation it's about photogrammetry and laser scanning for cultural heritage.... I'm experiencing some trouble: my graphic card (pny quadro 4000) crashes, probably I need to do somee setting.... can anybody help me?


Diego Ronchi
PHD student Torvergata Rome

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