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General / Re: How about Canon EOS M
« on: July 26, 2013, 09:38:54 AM »
We do work with an EOS M as an aerial platform. While it lacks a shutter control port, we have been flying it with Magic Lantern firmware, which adds an intervalometer, this way we just set the delay between photos, delay to start, and a limit (if any) to the number it captures. This is fairly effective for gathering a large number of photos while flying, but may not meet your needs.

A note about the camera though is that it is pretty slow to auto focus, which if left enabled makes taking pictures quite a bit slower, however in our application (aerial photography) it isn't a problem as the focus can be pre set (close to infinity) for the target altitude, or alternatively leave auto focus on, and rely on the fact that the focus wont change much. The latter is still fairly fast, and provides more then sufficient overlap.

Hopefully that helps a bit.

Python and Java API / Running headless
« on: April 04, 2013, 07:18:37 AM »
I'd like to run Photoscan in a headless environment on a remote machine, and control everything through SSH and Python scripting, but to do this I need to be able to either start photo scan from the command line with arguments to a python script, or (even better) to be able to call Photoscan python functionality from an external python script. Is there anyway to currently go about this?

I'm interested in this from a Linux context by the way. If I have to I can probably get a full X11 session started and run it remotely over X11 transport, but that is a very inefficient way to do it, and a lot would be gained by not needing that.

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