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General / Re: Color 3D printer
« on: May 25, 2014, 08:13:26 PM »
Where I work we use Projet 660 Pro it's the best option to print full color models, there is a better printer and it prints in full color plastic the Projet 4500 but to much expensive ,it's around 3 times the price of Projet 660 pro

Hi, here is a result of test i did recently ,I did the capture of the subject out-door (weird). I took 12 jpeg photos covering about 270° of the head using Canon 7D.

Here is the parameter of the capture

for data processing i used a Laptop HP Pavilion g6 (CPU: i7-3632QM  @ 2.2 Ghz , RAM: 6GB, GPU: AMD 7670M 2GB)
The alignement was done in 78 sec
mesh building in 849.23 sec (100000 poly)
The hair was well captured yes there is some messing parts because of the subject hair cut and lighting
I'm still testing and from those result I think I can get the same result with about 10 shots only and 360° head capture with 12 or 14 cameras in better condition, in a room with light setup

I did some tests with Photo-scanner demo, I got nice results using only 12 RAW photos for the head (about 270 degree) used Canon 7D for the capture.
I'll post some of the results later

Face and Body Scanning / help Setup a 3D scanner with Photoscanner
« on: June 26, 2013, 05:36:49 AM »
Hi, I'm new photogrammetry scanning but have some experience with 3D scanning (4ddynamics body scanner). I have some noob question about how to building a scanning system that work with Agisoft PhotoScanner, actually the only thing that i know is I need DSLR camera, a powerful workstation, a sofware (Smart Shooter, Breeze Software) to trigger cameras.
- What's the minimum of cameras needed to build a body scanner ( the very basic) ?
- What other hardware & software do I need ?
- how to link cameras with workstation ?

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