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General / Scientific publications about and with PhotoScan
« on: September 16, 2016, 06:55:06 PM »
Dear all,
I'm writing a scientific publication where PhotoScan is one key element. In order to avoid having to write about PS in an extensive way, I would like to refer to other existing publications. Can somebody indicate me some reference papers about PhotoScan? Important would be something explaining the working principle of PS, studies about the quality, precision, etc of PS, etc. Interesting would also be publications in the field of forestry, agriculture, etc. using PS for their studies.

Is there some list at Agisoft which is or can be made public, maybe of the most important publications in this context?

Thanks for any answer.

Hi Alexey,

thanks, I will have a look.

The thing about excluding the photos on the go is related to the fact I'm working with huge projects (thousand of photos). Only when the orthomosaic is generated I can identify photos os less quality (comparing them to each other) and remove them.  Should I each time have to switch to the photo pane and remove (or deactivate) them there, would take too much time.

Just to comment on that :-)

I'll check the new version, thanks.

General / Re: [RESOLVED] PS just sees 1 of 2 GPU's
« on: May 11, 2016, 05:56:06 PM »
Yes, Alexey,

so strangely I see one GPU from the two via Windows Remote Desktop controlling.


I would like to propose some improvements of the present interface when editing orthomosaics using polygons.
The majority of the following suggestions would help a lot when working a lot and very intensely with the mosaic editing. Although they seem to be minor, they would simplify a lot the handling of PS in this task.

Here is the list in no special order:

1. When polygons are marked red, allow deletion using the delete key, avoiding having to open the context menu each time.

2. Is there a key combination to add or remove (marked) vertex of the marked polygon? That would also allow faster working.

3. When a polygon is market and one assigns images to that polygon, please do not open the respective window in the center of the screen, since in general that is where the polygon  is which is being edited. It would be great if PS could 'remember' the last position of the window.

4. The options "Allow multiple selection" and "Exclude selected images" on the 'assign images' windows should also 'remember' their last states. Since the user typically uses a combination of these two options, he/she has to activate the options each time new. This is time consuming and irritating when editing a large number of polygons. 

5. It is possible to exclude images from the ortho processing in the respective photo windonws (lists). However, it would be excelent to exclude images from the further processing from within the "assign images" window (or a equivalent context). With exclude I mean in general, not just for one polygon.

6. Finally, the list of proposed images in the 'assign images' has a predefined order which corresponds to the best projection for a given polygon (I suppose). Although this is a great help, it would be excellent, if the user can also change this order, since this allows better results.

So, that's it for now, it would be nice to see some (or all) of these functionalities implemented.



I completely forget to suggest also that all delete commands within context menus should be at the bottom, not at the top, it happens quickly that you click on it. OK, there is also the confirmation window, nevertheless, it would feel a bit more secure to have the delete menu points at the bottom of the windows. :-)

General / Re: Error: can't read image
« on: May 09, 2016, 08:43:21 PM »
OK, the file has indeed an error somewhere.

To repeat my question above: is there a way to repair it? E.g. by ortho-rectifying the images again?


General / Re: Error: can't read image
« on: May 09, 2016, 06:38:00 PM »
ok, that's true.

I'm checking the Zip file, this will take another hour.

The zip file cannot be completely corrupted since I'm editing the orthomap and updating it. The error just appears when putting shapes at one or two spots on the map.

My question is, without loosing the editions of the orthomap, can I recreate the orthoretified images? In order to rewrite the (apparently) defect images inside the zip file?


General / Re: Error: can't read image
« on: May 09, 2016, 05:07:20 PM »
Hello Alexey, thank you for the hint.

So, the paths are Ok as I said, also the file, which I found now, is OK and readable.

But the error persists.

There is still a point to check.
I had problems with file permissions in Windows since they still possess some permissions from the former win installation.

I tried to clean up the 'cadaver' permissions.

What I noticed, is that there were no permission for the 'normal' user (i.e. non admin) set. I suppose that this will also block PS when wanting to read files (images). Can this be?

I just changed this, but I'm not really aware about the user permission PS needs to operate smoothly.
Can someone give me some info on this?


General / Re: Error: can't read image
« on: May 09, 2016, 04:24:01 PM »
Hello Gall, thanks for the info,

I tried your command, but I get the following error
Code: [Select]
2016-05-09 15:21:56 Error: Can't read image: 8785
>>> chunk.cameras[8785].photo.path

2016-05-09 15:22:15   File "<console>", line 1
2016-05-09 15:22:15     chunk.cameras[8785].photo.path
2016-05-09 15:22:15                                 
2016-05-09 15:22:15 SyntaxError: invalid character in identifier

What is wrong?


General / Re: Error: can't read image
« on: May 09, 2016, 03:41:06 PM »

I'm having the same problem.

All paths are correct, so I suppose the file is corrupt,

but how do I know which image is the one named in the error? Where can I see the internal ID of the images?


General / Re: PS just sees 1 of 2 GPU's
« on: May 05, 2016, 09:51:01 PM »
OK, I discovered the problem.

THe thing is, I'm not sitting in front of my PC which runs PS. Instead I use the remote desktop service of Windows.  As it turns out, when using this, windows deactivates one of the two GPU (for which reason so ever).

I just checked some stuff directly at the PC with the two GPU and suddendly both were available, also in PS.

So, instead of using the windows internal remote desktop functionality, I'll use the Teamviewer Software, which does not cause any problems, as it should be.

Well, Alexey, maybe you should make a note of this behavior, in case it turns on again.


General / Re: PS just sees 1 of 2 GPU's
« on: May 05, 2016, 09:24:03 PM »
Alexey, could you please propose me some opensource or demo software which i could install quickly and which allows me to check, if the cards appear there both or just one. Just to be sure, that the problem comes from something else than PS.


General / Re: PS just sees 1 of 2 GPU's
« on: May 05, 2016, 11:18:21 AM »
Hello Alexey,

I did install the newest drivers from NVIDIA,
in the device manager (win 10) both cards are listed without any error indication,

and unfortunately i do not have any other software where I could check the presence of both cards (at least I would not know which software to use).

Presently both cards are connected via SLI, but I read here in the forum, that that does not even bring advantages. So I could remove the SLI connector, should it maybe be the reason for the problem?


General / [RESOLVED] PS just sees 1 of 2 GPU's
« on: May 04, 2016, 11:38:07 PM »

I decided to add a second GPU to my PC (2x GTX 660) but only one is recognized by PS?
Does someone has an idea why this is (could be) so?


Feature Requests / Re: Point Cloud classification by color
« on: December 24, 2015, 01:01:36 AM »
Hi Alexey,

you added the average option in the creation of orthomosaics.

that's really good for us, for the reasons I explained above.

Just wanted to comment on that

General / Cropping Orthomosaics
« on: December 24, 2015, 12:58:06 AM »
Hello, is it possible to crop orthomosaics? Using the shapes for instance?

If not, this would be a magnificent tool in the mapping context!


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