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yes, JPG's are tagged with WGS84.
I would expect the .csv import dialog, which asks for coordinate system, to convert as needed once indicated an incompatible system.  - you could do that :)

on an related matter - please answer  :)
Thank you,


Importing after photos are aligned and dense cloud.

If I add a csv containing EPSG::25833 markers ,selecting in the import dialog that coordinate system, it will show up in the marker list, but *no* markers will be in the map correct area.

If I convert the .csv markers to ESPG::4326, using gdaltransform, then import it as EPSG::4326  - it'll work properly.

Somehow, "Import CSV" dialog - does not really treat the coordinates as EPSG::25833.

I have rendered some maps.
Then added more GCP's. (and placed them in photos)

-which steps in the workflow need to be redone ?

General / Q about multi-level flights.
« on: June 27, 2016, 12:03:00 AM »
Imagine a dataset consisting of photos with 60% overlap,  *and* photos with barely any overlap,(lower altitude).

Question: Will the closer to the ground photos still be used to give good details because they can be aligned using the higher-altitude photos ?   - will the map be better ?

General / Question about adding GCP to an "completed"
« on: June 26, 2016, 11:59:13 PM »
I have made some maps w/o GCP  - now I got GCP's.
how far back in the workflow do I need to go (what to repeat), in order to properly render it with GCP ?

Thank you.
The reason I am asking, is not to save processing power, it's because I had some flights in very strong winds where plane had to crosstrack at 70degree yaw to keep the planned pattern.
Of course, that reduced overlap significantly,  and resulted in a bunch of holes.

(the photos were aligned by reference)

Do you know wherever adding yaw data would help at all, or an modified/different method of alignment would better find matching points ?

Yes, I just hoped you invented some names, that were read if existing.
That would save a step.
Is there an example script that does it ?

So, pitch, roll, yaw is not imported automatically from exif when adding photos, an script is needed ?

please post a properly geotagged photo (with pitch/roll/yaw )   - as I had no success finding the exif tags Photoscan pro is  reading to get those values.

Feature Requests / Please post application icon.
« on: April 19, 2016, 11:13:11 PM »
The application does have an icon, but please post a .svg , .png or other icon , and make it a standard part of the linux package,  That would make it easier adding a nice shortcut to the application.

yes, please - so that one can see how long each step took.

Thank you.
Keep up the good work, and remember, that with more and more endurance on some UAV's , and higher camera resolution, one of your most valuable advantages in the market *may* be processing within reasonable hardware specifications.

Maybe even more parts of the processing can be done in chunks that make typical workstations capable of doing it.

the process used up 150GB of swap + 30GB RAM - did not generate a file, and was apparently stuck at 0% .
But I guess you are sure, and if it all needs to be assembled in memory, before writeout to file, I see how this can go wrong (except ~100GB was available)

I hope/guess you are already working on a sequential file writing technique that does not  require it all to fit in RAM first ?
When can we expect such improvement ?

Please add information about time use for completed steps like:

"Dense Cloud...  completed in 1h23m"

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