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General / Re: Agisoft Metashape 1.7.0 pre-release
« on: December 16, 2020, 02:06:48 PM »

I wanted to test that new laser scans meshing function, but it does not work for me. I've sucesfully imported and aligned the scans, but when I try to make a mesh from them, I just get error "Not enough cameras". The scene is 54 laser scans made with Leica RTC360, scans were registered in Cyclone Register 360 and exported as E57. There are no photos, just the scans (which is probably the main problem). Am I doing something wrong, or is in current version not possible to mesh laser scans alone, without any photos?

General / Re: About GPU tab in Preferences
« on: January 25, 2020, 01:50:26 PM »
But those are two opposing suggestions. Alexey says to keep it on, but the linked article tells to disable it if you have anything better than integrated GPU.

35 minutes only depthmaps or complete model?

OK, so that second wall taken with A7R just finished in about 25 minutes (only depthmaps creation, not whole model). This one wasn't so rough like the other taken with A6000, so it looks like there's nothing wrong with that photos from A6000 in that case.

Well, that's a little disappointment, because that means that Metashape is still several times slower than RC :( (which completes whole model in about 15 minutes, depthmaps only 5 minutes).

Thanks for your points Mak!

That's a good point! With 600D it was person scan from camera rig. With A7R it was a T-34 tank :D. Now testing a wall, but not so rough like that one taken with A6000 and it looks it will take about 20 minutes (same pohots count). I can try to go to the same place like I scanned with A6000 and rescan it with A7R, it's nearby my home.


I was using RC last few years, but as they totally fucked up their pricing model, I'm really thinking about going back to Metashape (plase don't make the same mistake like they did).
I've seen that since 1.6, metashape is now using similar Out-of-core method of reconstructing model like RC, which is great (and you should really make much more advertising about it, because this is the most important feature you have ever added). Great work!

So I wanted to try it, but first I was very disappointed by the speed of the reconstruction. I took dataset with around 70 photos taken with Sony A6000 and only depthmap computation took about 40 minutes (on high detail). That's basically no diffrence between out of core and older method without using ooc.
But then I tried different dataset with 115 photos from differrent cameras (Canon EOS 600D) and it was much faster - only about 5 minutes for creating depthmaps.
So finally I took third dataset of 70 photos taken with Sony A7R and it was very fast again - only about 10 minutes, which is pretty surprising, because A7R has bigger resolution than A6000 (32 Mpix versus 24 Mpix)

So for better clarity, here's recapitulation:

Sony A6000 (24Mpix) - 40 minutes
Sony A7R (32 Mpix) - 10 minutes
Canon EOS 600D (18 Mpix) - 5 minutes

Could you please take look at this dataset taken with A6000 and try to find, why is it so slow? It's not only case of this dataset, I tried even different one from same camera and it was really slow either, so it looks like everything from this camera will be slow.

Link for dataset download:!asREzCCT!zN9Rry5aqbK0A-BdNf1xyNcPx1YLQzhfbateT8zEuUU


Texture De-Lighter / Exporting only texture
« on: January 20, 2020, 03:27:53 PM »

could you add possibilty to export only the texture? I don't see any point having to export whole mesh when only thing we need is processed texture. Thanks.


i have PS 1.1.0 b. 1995, but camera import still not working as expected. When i import cameras from file, it opens a dialog where in title is "Build Point Cloud", but it is actually dialog for camera alignment instead of Build Point Cloud. Pic here When i click on OK, it starts camera alignment normally, but in that case it's pointless to import cameras when have to realign them again. When i click on cancel in that dialog, i can't build Dense Cloud, because it's grayed (the only thing i can is Align Photos).

EDIT: OK, my bad, there's obviously new feature under Tools > Tie Points > Build point cloud which wasn't in older versions, so it is this dialog and not camera alignment as i was thinking. Testing now.

EDIT2: Yup, it works like a charm! Sorry for confusion :).

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