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General / 1.8.0 produces softer meshes. Why?!
« on: November 23, 2021, 08:04:20 PM »
Hello everyone!

Maybe like some of you I am trying the preview release of Metashape, version 1.8.0. and wanted to show you the mesh results here compared to 1.6.4.

Reason why 1.6.4 because everything afterwards either has problems crashing and mesh generations has strange artifacts which makes no sense (particularly 1.7.3!).

Generating meshes in 1.8.0 are pretty good, it no longer produces those weird artifacts, however the results of the meshes tend to look soft (even when doing everything at the highest quality).



The details are still there but a little soft, but not as soft processing at half the resolution.

Despite this, it does really well in the more occluded areas, particularly behind the ears:



As you can see it was resolved the ear backs really well, no holes, no mesh interpolation, thus it's a lot more accurate.

Also to note it's faster, approx 40 mins on 1.8. compared to 1 hour on 1.6.4. Yet I can't comment if the speed has changed over the previous versions.
Nor can I make a solid statement if it being faster is because it's not producing higher quality meshes.

Regardless I feel this is once again another step-down from anything beforehand. Is there any reason as to why this is happening???  :(

General / Depth Map scripts doesn't work anymore! :(
« on: October 24, 2021, 02:34:08 AM »
Hi everyone,

I don't know if anyone has the same problem as me but I've been using version 1.6.3. for a majority of work for a long time, I recently tried out version 1.7.3. & 1.7.4. and loaded my buildDepthMap script to (of course) generate Depth Maps for my chunk. However to my surprise it kind of stayed stuck at around 30%. I would leave it on for almost an hour and it just wouldn't budge! I tried cancelling the process but it wasn't responsive afterwards, it just hanged on the progress window forever, thus I had to "kill" the software through task manager.
I was even looking at the log for it and the last bits of lines doesn't seem to indicate any error.

Code: [Select], filter_mode=Metashape.FilterMode.MildFiltering, reuse_depth=False, max_neighbors=10, subdivide_task=True, workitem_size_cameras=60, max_workgroup_size=120)
I don't know which version started for this to happen but this is incredibly annoying, a newer version of Metashape meaning to be better but yet for something so simple and that's been around for a very long time all of a sudden has problems. If anything, I've noticed performance getting laggier ever since Photoscan version 1.3.5. (still my preferred), and still can't generate 16K textures through GPU, but that's another topic for another time.

Has anyone been experiencing this? and what might be the problem perhaps?

I would really appreciate the help...I can't figure it out!  :'(

General / Building Mesh from Depth Maps became TOO slow! Why?
« on: March 28, 2020, 04:01:03 AM »
Hi everyone,

I've encountered a very strange problem. I have a bunch of chunks that are all relatively identical to each other (120 photos) of a model sitting down posing difference facial expressions.

I have previously processed the chunks in relative time, meshes taking 1-1.5H (still think that's a bit long) however when I went back to re-build the first chunk, it was to my enormous surprise that the progress bar stayed stuck at 74% for around 20-30mins before it added more processing time which I can see from the log started typing away, resulting 3 hours!

I have been trying different things rebuilding it (also doing it through scripts) even though I've changed nothing to begin with! I've even disabled CPU processing just to see if it can rely on my GPUs (I have two RX 580 8GB cards).

I've tried another chunk which took a little bit longer than its original but nowhere near as this one.

This doesn't make sense at all, why has this Metashape (1.6.1.) decide to bring down the performance to a grinding halt??? :(

Python and Java API / Process Depth Maps only?
« on: March 24, 2020, 12:17:38 AM »

Does anyone know if there's such a script or an option to process Depth Maps only?

I've already have the option checked to keep the depth maps in the preferences, but I don't want to build meshes straight after, i would rather do each step for a bunch of chunks all in one go.

General / [Help!] Textures coming out really bad! Why? :(
« on: March 11, 2020, 04:39:24 AM »

As the subject states, my generated textures are coming out really bad i.e. stripy, glitchy, virtually usable.

This happens after I bring the mesh back into Photoscan/Metashape from 3ds max after applying new UVs (a very simple cylindrical layout covering the mesh) and "Keep UVs" within the software.

The result is not what I've experienced before years and years ago, thus I'm pulling my hair as to why this is happening.

I've attached an example, you can see the stripes for this one.

Does anyone know or have experienced such matters?? I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me on this! :(

Face and Body Scanning / Deleted
« on: March 11, 2020, 04:33:45 AM »

Hi guys, I dont know how else to explain this but I've been haivng some trouble with Photoscan recently.

After having taking photos of my subject by rotating around him three times resulting in 120 photos from all angles I load them up into Photoscan and in the beginning the alignment of the point cloud was terrible, it was almot like there was two face going on here, I really didnt know what to do.

Then I changed some settings on the Key Points and Tie Points which resulted me in a much more dense but sligtly more accurate result which gave me a point cloud with great alignment, very little overlap, I thought I got the right preferences correct in my settings. Then when I attempted to redo this again I once again got a horrible result which I am now stuck on and cant think of how I managed to get the better one.

The only time I managed to duplicate this result again is when I loaded a new batch of (the same) photos with different colour corrections applied. I saved it as soon as I saw a good result, but when I restarted everything again (without changing any of the settings) I got a bad alignment again.

This is really frustrating as the process of each stage is incredibly time consuming (literally leaving my computer on over many nights!) I dont understand what is going on here, I had it right early on and then it changed.

Can someone help me out here?

General / Calibration/Accuracy possible with Photoscan?
« on: March 08, 2015, 10:03:07 PM »
Hey guys! Im new here, how are you all doing? :D

Im a great fan of 3D scanning and in particularly this piece of software on what it is able to achieve which i think it's pretty amazing especially compared to hardware scanning that cost ten times more than what we have here!

In regards to that im really wanting to do somesort of scanning of some parts through Photoscan but accuracy is priority in this scenario, which is probably why hardware scanners might have that advantage for those who pixel peep. I am after capturing objects with something like 0.5% tolerance or 0.01mm+/- accuracy to really get those fine details.

My question then is, is it possible at all to achieve that kind of accuracy with Photoscan by any chance? Is there any sort of calibration that would need to be done perhaps?

I hope you lot understand what im saying or what i am after. I hope all is well and i look forward hearing back too! :)

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