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Face and Body Scanning / Scanner Starter Kit - Sale
« on: November 11, 2016, 01:51:21 AM »
So quite simply this is a sale of items. OPEN TO OFFERS ( Worth £2.5k /£3K )

What I have is:
35x Raspberry Pi 3 model B
35x Raspberry Pi v2 Cameras (8mp)
35x Sandisk mini memory Card (8GB) - pre calibrated for use with management system.
35x CAT 6 Ethernet Cable (3m length)
2x CAT 6 Ethernet Cable (10m length)

1x Custom power unit for 40x Pi Units. (5v per Unit)
PC Management Software (happy to help set up, supplied by, the software is totally free this is a note to say I will help intergrate if you need the support.)

3x 48 port 10/100gb switch (Ethernet)

1x LED Strip (RGB) - fully boxed plus remote  (Link to follow).
1x Logitech power point presentation USB Remote (allows for one click picture taking)

All of the above equipment is brand new and it it's original packaging/ boxes. (Images to follow).
This bundle is unused as I have never found the time with all my project on the go to complete the 360 Head scanner / develop it into a full body scanner.

I can add a total price if that's of use / itemised. Simple need the money back out of it for different project.

Many thanks for reading, hopefully this is a good start for someone and happy to help set up.
Open to offers and international postage.

All messages welcome


I have sent PM. Please contact.
Many Thanks

Hi, I would like to produce an iOS App to showcase my 3D Modes.

Please take a look at my Model of a Rock Face, Bristol, UK

This was created with my DJI Inspire 1 Drone 12mp camera.

If anyone knows how to export from PhotoScan with textures so i can implement it in a Game Engine i would be great full, i am also looking for help for some one to do the Game Engine side of things for me.


Face and Body Scanning / Re: Using 3D scan for augmented reality
« on: September 23, 2015, 03:45:13 PM »
HI do you know anyone that can help build a VR App.

i would like to have my models in my own app.....

This is my Model


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