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General / Re: looking for help. Why it is always failed to output right DEM
« on: November 04, 2015, 01:32:30 AM »

I think your geo-tagging may need checking. If all your photographs have same lat & long but just different height that sounds like you took photos just lifting camera between shots - which cannot be true if you flew over an area.

The _geotag suffix looks like possibly from Mission Planner - if so, make sure you turn-on camera events in the logmask and that you use the dataflash logs, not the GCS's tlogs. Also, there have been changes in PixHawk and MP so you need to use up-to-date MP to geotag correctly; and have a look at the intermediate KMZ etc. from the MP geotag process to check it shows the correct locus for your UAV.


General / Re: multi-GPU cooling query
« on: October 22, 2015, 01:41:47 PM »
Thanks very Magnus.

I'm aware of that page, and in fact Puget's pages helped me to decide on a pair of the GTX 980-Ti cards for the system I'm currently assembling; and if you look in the discussion at the bottom of that page you'll see I've been asking the same questions there as well!

William at Puget has confirmed they have run multiple cards, but hasn't been able to tell me which implementation of GTX 980-Ti cards they have actually had in successful use - but he has highlighted that extra fans would probably be needed.

One of my biggest questions related to running a pair of the GTX 980-Ti cards in adjacent slots in a Dell Precision workstation, where there's no room for watercooling (or extra fans).

The feedback I'm getting from a variety of sites (PhotoScan related and even tried asking in the gamers' forums) is that watercooling is best, but you can run a pair of the better reference cards (although no-one will say which) - provided you can arrange a good airflow in addition to the onboard fans, and this probably means adding extra fan(s) on the side of the PC so they blow down onto the top of the cards - which I can't do on the Dell Precision.

I'm still keen try to set this up in a Dell Precision workstation (a) because of (trans)portability - the Precision 7810/7910 is a very manageable size; and (b) because there are good value deals to be had from time-to-time.

If I have to scratch build, it'll be much bigger & probably cost more.

Hence why I'm trying to find if anyone is actually running multiple GTX 980-Ti (or Titan) cards........


General / Re: multi-GPU cooling query
« on: October 21, 2015, 06:09:44 PM »
Thanks for the link, but that Gigabyte card is only a 980 not a 980-Ti

EVGA do a GTX 980-Ti hybrid with ready-connected small radiator (and Asus have a water-cooling-ready Poseidon GTX 980-Ti), but as I said, if we drop these cards in a Dell precision workstation, there's no room to install any water cooling - it will have to be solely air-cooled.

Hence why we're still trying to find if anyone is actually using multiple air-cooled GTX 980-Ti cards...

Thanks / Dave

General / Re: multi-GPU cooling query
« on: October 21, 2015, 04:25:25 PM »
Thanks for watercooling suggestion but we're looking at aircooled if at all possible.

If we use a Dell Precision workstation, don't believe there is any way to install two water-cooled or hybrid GTX 980-Ti cards; and even if we scratch build a system, since it will be transported in car from time-to-time, keen to avoid any liquid solution.

Does anyone actually run a pair (or more) of GTX 980-Ti yet?   If so, which cards do you use?

If we end up scratch-building our own system, motherboard choice looks like Asus Z10PE-D16 or Supermicro X10DAI - anyone have experience of either of these motherboards?  (plan would be initially just one decent Xeon + 128GB RAM, then add second processor if it was useful in the future).


General / multi-GPU cooling query
« on: October 12, 2015, 12:26:45 AM »
Have tried searching the forum but can't find anything relating to a multi-GPU / motherboard query.

Currently looking to assemble a system with a pair of GeForce GTX-980 GPUs to go in a dual-socket Xeon system with probably just one processor initially.

Initially looked at a Dell 7810/7910 workstation, but was concerned that position of the two slots suitable for the GPU cards meant that the fan on one card is only a couple of millimetres away from the PCB of the next GPU so there was negligible air circulation space between the two GPUs.  Also a little concerned as to whether the two suitable slots were tied one per processor? - so if only one processor installed initially, can it use both those GPUs?

Alternatively, looking at building a system using the Asus "Z10PE-D8 WS" motherboard (or maybe the D16 version) - they have four suitable Gen-3 16x link slots - but it appears these slots may be in two pairs, two per processor, and the slots for each processor are adjacent so I couldn't have a single processor / two GPU cards with a big air gap between them (like I could on a single-processor board like the Asus P9X79_WS).

Does anyone have experience with long PhotoScan runs with two GTX-980 cards right up alongside each other? any vendors implementation of the GTX-980 more reliable in such situations?

Alternatively, does anyone have a recommendation for a workstation / mother board that's dual socket, with slots that allow air gap between GPUs, which would allow me to run 2 x GTX-980 both with one Xeon now and add a second Xeon later if required?

Thanks / Dave

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