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Bug Reports / gap in the vegetation dense cloud from RGB-UAV survey
« on: January 26, 2017, 06:22:59 PM »

I guess this is a problem you have allready encountered.

We are flying over a maïze field, the vegetation cover is then really important. The ground resolution is about 0.6 cm and the overlapping really high, as you can observe in the report (attachment)

We then reconstruct the dense cloud using the medium option and moderate filering. We compare the same area using the high and moderate (respectively left and right in the attached image). We have some gap in the high reconstruction... 

As my area of interest in the maize and I would like to have the best height estimation posible ! DO you have any recommandation in terms of configuration/ option ? Or even flight configuration for my purpose ?

Thanks a lot



General / Multispectral project with different focal
« on: November 16, 2016, 07:57:21 PM »

I have a 6 bands multispectral camera (triggering at the same time). 5 have normal frame, one is fish-eye. The idea is to fix the fish-eye band as the master channel in order to find the position of the cameras (normal band have no sufficient overlapping for an alignment)

It is posible ?

Thanks a lot.

General / Agisoft for IR camera on UAV
« on: November 18, 2015, 02:20:36 PM »
Long-wave infrared camera on UAV (ie uncooled) are very sensitive to temperature. You can observed a decraeasing in luminance in time. They have a low resolution and are quite blurrred. It's look like Agisoft can't handle those problems. Whereas I have good results results with others softwares, agisoft failed to match my images. I don't understand this results.

I would like to know if i miss something in the configuration of the parameters and if others had encountered the same problems.

Best. Simon

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