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Bug Reports / Mask Import Not Respecting Photo Orientation
« on: July 20, 2019, 01:12:14 AM »
Not sure if this counts as a bug or a feature request.

The problem is as follows:
1. Some cameras, even nice ones, do not have the ability to disable auto-rotation on images
2. Photoshop does not preserve orientation metadata when saving out masks
3. Metashape uses the orientation information to display the photo with the correct orientation, but does not take it into account when importing masks.

This will cause the mask to either come in with the wrong orientation, or it will throw an "Image Size Mismatch" error.

Photos can have their orientation fixed manually in windows explorer, or a similar workaround can be done to force the mask to use the same orientation. Workarounds like this add extra hands-on work and leave more room for user error.

I'd absolutely love it if Metashape would use the embedded orientation data to rotate the imported mask data to the correct orientation automatically by assuming each image already has its "up" direction correctly set. I"m sure others would too!

Feature Requests / Out-of-Focus Detection with Mosaic Texture
« on: May 30, 2018, 09:30:04 PM »
I'd really love to see a higher quality result from Mosaic textures that weeds out blurry sections of photos, favoring things the most in focus instead, even if it significantly extends the processing time. Not having to go back and try to weed things out and render individual photos to patch things up would easily make it worth it. I'm willing to wait for a higher quality result.

For instance, in textures like this from a recent scan of an english muffin...

...the blurry parts of the texture are coming from a photo I took when focusing on a different part, while the part used in the texture was tilted away. The in-focus parts are coming from sections that were shot straight-on.

General / Photoscan 1.4.0 - New Feature Comparisons
« on: November 08, 2017, 01:39:01 AM »
I'm having some fun testing out these new features and seeing how they compare to the old methods. I thought I'd post some side by side shot of the models I'm testing with as things come out. Feel free to post yours too.

First up is "Visually Consistent Mesh Generation", found in Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Use Visibility Consistent Mesh Generation Method (Experimental).

I'm testing with a data set I have from a kitschy house model I picked up from a thrift store. Some of the pics in the set weren't as clean or as in focus on the right parts as they could have been if I were to do it again, and the lighting was still off a little, but it still worked out reasonably well. Here's a crop of one of the pics.

(click for full size)

Here's a comparison where I've generated everything at the maximum quality I could get the set to produce. On the left has alignment and dense cloud maxed out and the model generated at 4 million to get as much detail in as it would support. On the right is using the new method at max quality.

The really interesting thing about the new method is that it doesn't actually need a dense cloud to work. This is also without using the new mesh refinement option since I haven't gone into testing that one yet. The visibility consistent mesh did a way better job of getting the little toothpick poke marks in the roof and the right shapes of the bricks and other little indents.

(click for full size)

Live Model:

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