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Bug Reports / Bug when creating dense point cloud from large mesh
« on: May 24, 2024, 06:17:58 PM »
The attached screenshot should acually be a hemisphere.

I've noticed this bug on medium to large scale scenes (i.e. 100+ m).
If I crop to a small region, the dense point cloud is fine, however, when the region is larger, these strange cropping and distortion errors occur.
To reproduce:
Select a large mesh within a current Agisoft project or import a large mesh into a scene -> Build point cloud from mesh.
Metashape Pro 2.1.1

As has been mentioned in a few forum discussions here, exporting the aligned cameras as XML results in strange transformations: Metashape uses it's local coordinate system with no obvious correlation/transformation matrix to the "real" coordniates. Only option is exporting as "omega phi kappa", but this lacks other information, such as camera intrinsics.

Both instant NGP and Nerfstudio have scripts for converting Metashape-camera.xml into their own format (transforms.json).  This resulting file however inherits the "arbitary" transformations of the original Metashape xml

Sure, Nerfs are still in an expiremental phase, but IMHO the future potential is obvious! Thus, the combination of the solid alignment from Metashape (with all the options in this phase, i.e. individual pre-calibration, masks, and and and) make it an ideal fit for Nerfs.

So PLEASE, adjust the XML export, so it obviously reflects the user-defined local coordinats! That would be such an opportunity!

General / Camera export: distortion model
« on: August 12, 2022, 10:12:01 PM »
To set the stage:
my previous workflow was to export the cameras (i.e. fbx) and export the undistorted images out of Metashape.
Exporting the undistorted images is no longer directly supported in the latest Metashape builds (only via scripting).

So I undistorted the images with the calibration parameters from a 1.8.4 project in 1.7.2. Works fine.
However, I noticed, that these undistorted images don't match with the exported scene/model.

So now I am a bit confused.
In short: what is currently the process of exporting the model with matching cameras? And of course the camera images need to be undistorted for correct alignment in 3rd party apps?!

Thanks, Guy

Haven't followed every Metashape change log in the past, so briefly the question:
is it now possible to extract the stills from videos as "image_0001", "image_0002" (instead of "image_1", "image_2") or do I still need to use an external program for this?
Thanks, Guy

Feature Requests / Option to choose "half-dome" for occlusion map
« on: December 14, 2021, 10:25:09 PM »
If a 3d-scanned object is on the ground, it would be helpful to choose a "half-dome" lighting model for generating the occlusion map.
The occlusion map is a very important feature for delighting the diffuse map,
In a normal (efficient) workflow one isolates the scanned object (region and/or geometry clean-up). However, this means there is no ground geometry for the occlusion map generation.

Of course there are workarounds, but this suggested option would be really useful.

General / Generic mask images for multi-camera setups
« on: July 08, 2021, 10:01:28 PM »

I'm using a rig with 6 cameras. The images are imported to MS with the multi-camera workflow (master/slaves).
Works like a charm, however, some of the images have parts of the rig in them (can't be avoided in this specific setup).

In a conventional MS-workflow it would be very easy to select a single mask image for each camera group (i.e. "Cam5_xxxx.tif" -> "Cam5_mask.png" / "Cam6_xxxx.tif" -> "Cam6_mask.png").
However, if I select a single mask image for the master, it applies it to all slave groups.
What's the solution to this, are there any "{}"-placeholders which would work when choosing the mask-images?

A workaround which did do the job, was to create hundreds of "Cam5_xxxx_mask.png" images and use "{filename}_mask.png as a template.
But that is highly inefficient, as Cam5_mask.png is always the same image...

Thanks in advance!

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