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I was running demo mode Photoscan 1.2.6 build 2834 thus I needed to install metascan and not upgrade to it.

I didnt uninstall photoscan before installing metashape as I saw no instructions to do so.

I then installed 3DF Zephyr but it said CUDA not found, so installed CUDA 10.1 from Nvidia and this also updated the driver from 372.9 to 418.96 causing problems with my flight sim. before reinstating my C drive backup I tried for metashape again.
I had also unblocked popups in Firefox for Autodesk which also refused to install, and installed both without kaspersky running. Whilst Autodesk still wouldnt install a third exe ( 3 exe's it required) at least metashape then ran...hooray.  :)

However the same photos and settings I used in photoscan saw it unable to centre view, zoom the object, it was as if it was installed on a win 3.1 machine !  :'(
Photoscan was slick fast, as if the object was lightweight. :)

I am Intel core i7 4790 3.6GHz  32Gb DDR Corsair Vengeance Pro ram GTX970 4Gb ram

as such Metashape was no use for viewing and editing the object, removing unwanted points etc, just could not navigate the 3D window.  :'( :-\ Photoscan is far better on my pc. :)

If Win7 64bit pro works with metashape, why is it that slow ?

I exported the object as obj to see what it had created in a CAD prog.

Opened it into Rhino3D and oh dear its a disaster,  :-\ its as if its made a top and bottom of the object then fused them together side by side, yet its the same object same settings as in photoscan which gave very good result especially considering that I didnt use masks on this test, I wanted a prog that handled what you get rough and ready when on site with museum ceilings , variable photo quality with flash, poor DoF and blurs and cables running across photos.

I expected metashape to improve on the photoscan model and as such I am gutted I had these issues after I got it to run.

 I am now back with old driver as I need the flight sim operational. Photoscan made a really nice job of another exhaust stack in 1hr 38mins and meshroom took 2hr 34 .
Why was metashape so incapable of zoom and rotate and centre view with CUDA and up to date driver ?
Now I am unable to run it, either way it was not good for me, and I so wanted it to be.


General / no operating systems listed for metashape
« on: April 20, 2019, 07:21:21 PM »
there is no indication anywhere on the requirements page of what operating system metashape will work with. Installing a program on a pc that doesnt have the correct operating system can cause problems, Why must users risk that happening to their pc to find out ?

Should Metashape work on windows 7 64bit pro ?

I just cannot get it to launch, I get a black filled floating cmd window and pc locks up.


Hi,  I have just installed Metashape 64bit demo , I was running Photoscan perfectly ok yesterday. I create shortcut to the exe file, double click it, get a black dos type window, task manager unable to end task metashape, I am even unable to close down PC, I eventually get PC shutting down, but it wont after 5 mins shut down, I have to hold power button in, if I was running raid this would lose all synchronisation and mean a total PC rebuild. This prog needs testing on a win7 64bit pro pc with anything that might mess it up, inc norton, kaspersky and others.  What a cock up !
I have spent ages creating photo sets to test this on and its messed up the pc instead. Photoscan never did this.

Also there is nothing on the agisoft website to say what operating systems this works with, and nothing to warn of potential problems and what to do to get it to run.

I have added agisoft folder to excluded list Kaspersky. then run metashape and yet again we get the black dos box, which I cant X close, PC is locked up.
I have had to reinstate the acronis backup made just prior, glad I did do that. I shouldnt be having to do a restore after installing Agisoft.

This is terrible, so disappointing, had hoped to buy metashape.

will this metashape in theory run on win7 64bit pro ?

How can I get this to run, someone mentioned that the beta version solved this for them, where is that beta version ?


I need to create a 3D model of a human male wearing nothing but just shorts and socks rolled down over shoes, kneeling down and another separate session with same guy standing up holding arm up, it will be far easier to photo someone than try and create this in 3D programs, especially trying to model the clothing, hours versus days of work. If I place three garden canes tied together at top as a triangle  to support the wrist or even use my photo tripod to support his elbow and move around taking photos very quickly on a canon 70D in RAW mode fast shutter speed 1/500 f8 800asa  (freeze movement, good DoF and lens sweet spot ! correct exposure cloudy bright), on manual exposure on a cloudy bright day with no breeze, so no shadows or material movement, is there a good chance of success ? If a part of the human doesnt move relative to another part of the human, surely it will work ?

If I give it a few sessions then knit the parts that do work together and heal up the gaps maybe ?

What prog/software is there that is affordable on a tight budget or free to heal the gaps up if I need to do it this way ?

Has anyone tried such and is it just impossible ? How fussy is the prog if something moves a few mm on something human size ?

I cant see there being a problem if human sways a bit as thats no different to me moving to and fro as I shoot.

What about the bushes or grass though, they move, do I have to paint them out of the picture in photoshop ?

What about things in the background of a photoshoot in fact ?

Will it be ok on areas of skin if photographed on a current dslr and a very good quality lens ?


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