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General / merge chunks does it work without dense point clouds ?
« on: August 10, 2022, 12:37:03 AM »
says merge chunks uses dense point clouds, however making mesh from depth maps gives finer detail so an article proves, and agisoft has that ability after align photos one can choose build mesh source depth maps. skipping dense PointCloud making.

However if the project involves merge chunks, such merge CANNOT THEN WORK as the article above shows merge needs dense point clouds instead !

... then I find an Agisoft article which sheds some light on it.
which shows a choice of choosing dense point OR model OR depth maps.
so one needs such for BOTH chunks, either make a model from the dense point cloud and combine it with the model from the mesh from Dense Point cloud, or go and make a dense point cloud after having made the mesh ! more time and can one do that ?

so if merge chunk using mesh option, mesh from depth map will need a mesh making from the dense point cloud before merge chunk can be made.

or there is the depth map option which exists after align and before mesh is made, would that be as good ?

With that option though, how can one align the chunks when there is nothing model wise to rotate and place with the other chunk ?

surely a mesh or DPC is needed to view both and place together, such as in the tutorial I found on thee statue and stately home.


General / Where are the video tutorials on metashape ?
« on: August 09, 2022, 10:56:15 PM »
Where are the video tutorials on metashape ?
Does Agisoft not have any video tutorials its made about its program, Its no use relying on youtube as the tutorials are not structured to show the different options available.
They are whatever the user fancied and often their narrative is poor, or no voice at all. Either rocks or fossils, green screen background ot uniform colour. My backgrounds are real world, whatever happens to be surrounding an object in a museum or out of doors at an event if its a vintage vehicle. No one ever seems to do such, aerial views is common.

I have just photod a metal rusty object on a table in my lounge, 400 photos or more as it was in two broken pieces. So how to deal with photos that dont align. You tube videos always have everything aligning. Most times Metashape fails, and Photoscan always aligns ALL.

Use of mesh from two options and how to do so.

Basically a walk through including masking, but not of 400 photos ! How to deal with 'reality life' situations, cluttered backgrounds. best settings etc.
I find metashape will create a model with the background, which can then be erased out, its the few photos that wont align, despite reset align and try again., and that Photoscan WILL ALIGN them. Something fundamentally wrong with Metashape.

Every prog needs a tutorial, but where are they ?


General / Ortho where is 2D grid and a 2D rotate tool ?
« on: August 09, 2022, 05:57:35 PM »
Q1. why is there no grid to align to when in ortho view side views ? we have grid in top/bottom but its vital it exists in all ortho views such as side.
Its the whole purpose of ortho, yet we have nothing to align to.

Q2. Tumbling is for perspective view, precise rotation is for ortho, how do we stop 3D rotation when in 2D ortho view ?

In other words where is the ability to rotate with mouse BUT NOT TUMBLE the item in 2D view when doing so ?

Using ortho is best way to align model and region , 3D tumbling and movement is not wanted , it spoils the alignment.
One is forever undoing the messed up alignment.

Q3. Also how do we get the rotate sphere to reset to the view that gives us a coloured ring on the outer edge of it when in ortho view ?
So as to be able to pull on the red outer ring when in ortho and avoid tumbling. ?


having searched you tube and the internet and found NOTHING. Also open agisoft help, click search tab and search on mask and also *mask* and found NOTHING. not even on using Agisoft own tools.

I wish to mask out the multi subject background on ONE image which is causing lack of alignment. I presume doing so is ok, I dont have to mask the other 65 as well when they DO ALIGN , or does using mask with one mean all need masking, I hope not !
We all have photos that fail due to something in the one that doesnt appear in the others !

If I use Agisoft magic wand it gets bits of it, it will take forever, also the scissors are going to take ages as they keep wandering about onto my object.

I can do that selection in a minute in photoshop.

What are the steps involved in photoshop then in agisoft ?

something like
1. with image open, and brush edge at preferred softness to suit image, and black selected,  hit Q and paint round the object with black , it appears in red, make good any gaps.
2. hit Q and see crawling ants, invert selection if need be, you need the background selected.
3. save as a channel using menu Select>Save Selection option.
7. import image with mask in the following way....

more detail such as what it should look like in photoshop when mask done.

This needs pinning at top of threads !


General / Numpad navigation removed from 1.8.2 why ?
« on: August 09, 2022, 01:29:30 AM »
Metashape 1.8.2
 I go to numpad hit 5, and nothing happens, it should toggle ortho/perspective, it always used to.
I try the row of numbers and then it works.

Why has the logical place for left top bottom views, the numpad, been removed from such navigation ?

has everyone complained its not sensible to hit 4 for left view 8 for top and so on ?

I am in the throes of battling a win10 build where Msoft have decided to make change for changes sake, 3 weeks lost to such tactics, TRAGIC LOSS OF TIME, and to find my normal workflow altered in progs built by folk that I thought didnt do such as well, is upsetting.

also a 22 pic project sees 12 images not aligned, I try them in photoscan and ALL get aligned, despite flagging up the fact that photoscan always succeeds and metashape is forever failing in step 1, its still happening. It is unsettling to say the least that forward movement in the basics is not happening.


General / Re: System requirements doesnt mention OS required
« on: July 07, 2022, 10:34:20 PM »
Hi Alexey,

by metashape 1.2 you refer to Photoscan 1.2.6   I presume.

do please add the OS to the recommended specs page .



General / System requirements doesnt mention OS required
« on: July 07, 2022, 06:58:01 PM »
I run Photoscan 1.2 6 and Metashape 1.7.4 and 1.8.2 on win 7 64bit.

will all these run on windows 10 64 bit ?

I dont see any info on this in System Requirements and the OS should be mentioned there !

I do need Photoscan 1.2.6 to work on windows 10 as often it manages to do what metashape fails on, mostly aligning ALL photos when metashape fails.

I wish Metashape issues could be fixed but they persist.
(not tried 1.8.3 yet)


Hi, please could anyone including Agisoft reply please, I have just had the same situation again, the text on labels on the photos used is 25pixels tall and the texture on the model has this text as 5, thus blurred ! 1/5 of the resolution of the photos.  :'(

what decides the resolution of the images mapped to the mesh in Agisoft.

In this last example I have been forced to use Photoscan 1.2.6 as metashape STILL HAS THE BLURRED PATCHES ON THE TEXTURE, AND I AM NOT AWARE ITS BEEN FIXED YET.
1.8.1 is the latest version, BUT NOTHING IS SAID ON IF THIS RESOLVES THE ISSUE THAT SEES ME HAVING TO USE photoscan, 3 hrs to do a dense cloud, 3 hours !!!!

not happy at all.

does 1.8.1 fix the blurred patches ?
1.7.4 would not align all images, Photoscan does. again need all images. Photoscan usually aligns all, metashape often fails.

Agisoft support still to get back to me on the project with failed aligns and blurred texture areas sent them 6 months or more ago.


General / basic CAD navigation needed as most annoying to use
« on: February 28, 2022, 01:20:37 AM »
whilst mewtashape has rotate region, move region etc, that works

and rotate model, move it etc, that works.
once one has aligned the model to grid, and the region to the model, there is NO EASY WAY TO ROTATE THE ENTIRE SCENE.
If I use right mouse button and drag down my mouse matt, 1inch on matt normally will take cursor entire height of monitor , or in Rhino get me from side view to looking down onto the model. metashape doing so sees a few degrees of movement, will take many to get above it.

Am I missing something ? where is the swinging atomic icon for quick swirling around over around and under the model ?

Now get this, with grid as a grey line across screen, i do a max mat move, and I gave gained 10 degree, I do again, now 20deg but its gone off bott of screen, I scroll out to see it AND AS I DO SO THE 20 DEG IS DIMINISHING TO BECOME 3 degs, so all height has been lost with scrolling out. In CAD zooming in and out does not reduce any height gained !


ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET ABOVE IT AT ALL. hit reset view and I am above, then start the attempt to move around the scene again.

The grid is sort of hinged over in the background it seems.

we are using CAD then we come to metashape and  blimey its like wading through molasses !


General / Which is best metashape version to install considering bugs etc ?
« on: February 27, 2022, 11:09:36 PM »
 I am with 1.7.1 and had holes in mesh , and some images not aligned, even when they were ok in a prior chunk, when photoscan was used on the same images it was perfect.
I see folk with holes and gripes in 1.8.0, as such I avoided 1.8.0
I now see we are with 1.8.1.
is the .1 the fix to 1.8.0 issues ?


If not why not after over 6 months ? we have work to do.

is the pro version fine and the standard ill ?


There is no point in having the speed and navigational advances of metashape if its bad.

I have just fed it a lovely set of images, all were aligned, that was a good start, but then a complete mess resulted, just a few blobs, dense cloud looked like an explosion in a hay bale, worst ever.

Loads of 'added ' feature in the Agisoft hype, but what of these basic fundamental problems, certainly why can photoscan align and not reject far better and not make holes ? (just terribly slow)

I havent been able to use Agisoft metashape awaiting fixes for many months.

Also still awaiting tech feedback, normally very good, not heard a thing after 6 months.



Metashape 1.7.4
When I open the obj file into Rhino3D and then apply the .jpg image, all looks fine if model is a few inches wide on screen, when I zoom in its getting a far more rough, when I view the photo taken on site of the same area its far better, superb, a shock to the system in what I am having to work with.

I can see the details I wish I could see in CAD.

I am part guessing the base of an item, or the location of an S bend in metal etc.

It needs a better resolution image created when making obj.

How is this done ?

or perhaps there is a better way of getting the model out with hi res image and into CAD.

Also in fact the model view in Agisoft is nowhere near as detailed as the image if I double click the photo shown below the model window, is there a way of having a more detailed view in Agisoft. Perhaps that view then generates the hi res obj file ?



One for Rhino3D users. though other CAD progs may have same method so anyone is invited to answer.
I originally titled is as Rhino3D but other CAD users might have a  method that works in Rhino3D.

Ideally a Rhino3D user might have the answer.

In metashape and Photoscan, the model is displayed in a single colour, (violet on my version) called 'solid' mode, and one can assess where the surface is best and where its a bit lumpy or even has holes.

I need this view in my CAD prog, so I can see where best to place sections before redrawing as curves and surfaces using the CAD progs geometry tools, making a normal model, using the mesh just for reference.

I export from agisoft as an .obj
I import the obj into Rhino. Then in rendered mode one has to select the mesh, alter assign material from 'Layer' to 'Object' then click colour and browse to the .jpg file the obj created.
Then in shaded mode I can pull in that hi res texture version using command SetObjectDisplayMode and delect mesh then select rendered in options,  it displays model as if viewed in rendered mode. VERY USEFUL.

Then we see the hi res raster image, as viewed in Agisoft.

I need to toggle between the Rhino hi res texture image and an image just like the 'solid' mode one in Agisoft.

How do I create that Agisoft 'solid' mode type monocolour model showing lumps and bumps image in Rhino3D such that I can go back and forth between it and the hi res image with a command or click ?
I need to see where the smooth areas are when placing sections then revert to the hi res image to continue with those sections.



General / Re: Can metashape 1.7.1 be installed without removing 1.7.4 ?
« on: November 21, 2021, 03:17:46 AM »
ok got that.
I will back up PC just in case.

Where will the install of 1.7.1 get the needed key code from ?

I cant see it anywhere in a folder or email on my pc, and I do remember hell on earth trying to get 1.7.4 to actually run.

I think Kaspersky had something to do with it. Maybe as its in permitted progs that side of things will be ok., but the code ? will it see the code Photoscan uses ?

I dont want 1.7.1 to nuke Photoscan , might it ?

Why cant we have a better newer version, 1.8 looks troubled in initial feedback.


Thanks for reply,
To you or Agisoft Tech Support, important question, as failing builds is not acceptable.

We need it fixed, not sure better is enough,
1. Textures. Is the blurred texture areas actually now solved, has 1.8 been created to actually solve it, ? Is it as good as Photoscan is on that now ?

2. Is it as good as Photoscan at aligning all images now ?

Is 1.8 created to fix these two fundamental flaws ?

One has to ask why such basics are worse in Metashape than Photoscan. A new version should be better than previous, especially years later. I have yet to get metashape to perform as good as Photoscan, just the 3D interface tools are better., and mesh from Depth maps.



General / Re: Can metashape 1.7.1 be installed without removing 1.7.4 ?
« on: November 19, 2021, 04:11:16 AM »
Hi, I am not quite following this, If I make a copy of 1.7.4 and rename it to 1.7.1 then install 1.7.4

Now install the updated 1.7.4, and it'll upgrade the existing installation still in the original Metashape, as per usual.

where in all this do I get 1.7.1 actual ?

Do you mean install 1.7.1 and it will seek out the folder renamed 1.7.1 ?


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