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Hello guys  :)

i'd like to create a mesh (mainly along sidewalk and road surface) while forcing the triangle creation to stick to pre-defined breaklines.

I really would like to do this in Metashape directly, but there doesn't seem to be a way to include breaklines into the meshing process.
And even if it would work in Metashape another issue comes the "rounded edges" "photogrammetric curve"

Two questions related to this:

1) Do you know any improvements of Metashape with regard to this?
2) Do you have any recommendations for any other workflow?

Thanks a lot, guys.


Dear Support-Team,

export of an Orthomosaic just gave me the following feedback (s. screenshot attached).

I changed some parameters and it seems to be only buggy when exporting into default GSD given by the entire project itself and JPG.

#  JPG compression does NOT work at default (native) GSD (here: 1.31cm/px)
#  If i change the GSD values just slightly the export works fine
#  LZW compression works
#  JPG works at all other GSDs

Hi Metashapers,

when importing 10 bands of the RedEdge-MX Dual Camera System the proposed workflow of Micasense works quite well.

When i toggle through the bands i see that the bands are sorted differently than the naming of Micasense. Quite confusing... And after reflectance calibration (with panel and sun sensor) it even gets more strange.

What is the proper workflow to deal with it in Metashape?
Is there a quick guide or something similar available? I didn't find any hint towards this topic.

Thanks already now.


Dear members,

it seems to me that all of my latest generations of Orthomosaics have more obvoius strips&spots from sun-shadow changes.
Usually i optimize the data with regard to brightness/shadows before starting the Metashape process. But data size is getting bigger and bigger and i would like to skip this step.

Do you experience the same? Did the blending process somehow change?

Thansk a lot and greetings

Dear members,

do you also experience the panel detection of Micasense cameras failing in NIR-channel?
Latest Metashape (1.5.4) is used, but this issue was also seen in 1.5.3.  (see attachments).

Taking the calibration photos from shorter distances shows the same effect.

Usually i then start toggling through the bands and do manual masking, but the general questions are:

1) Is the NIR channel being used in the calibration at all?
2) Will manual masking solve the issue properly?

Thanks for your replies.


Dear Dev-Team,

here's what i experienced with last nights batch processing.

# processed 2 flights with Micasense ALTUM (2 chunks)
# processing the Orthophotos failed with regard to GSD (rest looks good, also multispectral-wise)
# did a manual process for one chunk and reached the expected GSD

Please find screenshots attached.

Also i experience a very present bug in exporting the orthomosaic for one of the ALTUM-datasets. An error occurs while writing and the TIF file stops at 4GB on a Win10 machine. The file can be opened in QGIS, but one part of the area is missing and not displayed.

It could not be solved by variations in the export parameters (LZW, alpha channel and so on) but by difining an outer boundary.



Dear users,

i processed a pointcloud, mesh and DSM from a UAV survey some weeks ago and used 14 GCP for the model.
Some weeks later a second survey of another 21 points was randomly measured on the surface of the area.

Is there a way to compare the distances in Z-direction (X and Y are not marked and cannot be judged) directly in Metashape?
What would be your way to see how valid the model and the new points are?

Greetings and thanks in advance


Metashape 1.5.0 (7492)

General / Dense Point Cloud generation // far slower in Metashape?
« on: January 10, 2019, 01:10:50 PM »
Dear all,

i finished a job in Photoscan last December and was curious if i could get even better results now in Metashape.

It's ~1300 cameras with 9MB each and i need the dense cloud as result. Nothing else.  ;)
Alignment in high was fast and got all cameras well. Dense cloud generation was set to high as well, but it definetely takes too long.  :(

Was the dense cloud generation set to a lower priority level in developing Metashape? Everyone speaks about depth maps now which might be great for texturing but not for the survey industry.

GPU is on (GTX 980Ti)
128 GB RAM
i7 5820K @3.3GHz

Thx for your feedback.

Dear Photoscanners and Pre-Metashapers  :D

after the alignment there's very precise information available about each cameras position and orientation (used GCPs as well).

Is there a way to export these value back into the photos EXIF for later use?

Thanks a lot in advance


Dear Photoscanners...  :)

Anyone using a Sony a7R3 for aerial photogrammetry in general and processing with Agisoft PS in special?

What is your feedback with regard to measurement, accuracy, sensor size and its optical geometric stability?
I heard about issues of the a7R3 due to its shake-reduction.

Thanks so far.


Dear community and Support-Team,

i have the great chance to re-construct a top level infrastructure which is known around the world... And i do not want to spoil that project.  ;)
A lot of terrestrical laser scans and aerial photogrammetry will end up in a BIM model in Revit.

Now the question is if there is any tool, script, workflow where i could also keep the cameras information from Photoscan (position, direction, angle).
The BIM user then could also view the original photos that covered a specific part of the infrastructure.

I know Autodesk BIM 360 claims to do so, but i do not want to leave Photoscan for this project.

Any input welcome...


Dear PS-community,

i am working with aerial data of multispectral images taken by a professional fixed-wing system of an international company. According to that i assume that the camera and its light sensor are installed perfectly.

The camera is a Micasense RedEdge-M.

When calibrating the reflectance PS automatically finds the right images and marks the panel correctly. I then choose "use reflectance panels" and also "use light sensor". Nothing changes when using the light sensor and also it is unchecked when i enter this menu again later.

Depending on the formulas used neither the HeatMap nor the NDVI palette is normalized correctly. The index at the bottom right is not from 0 to 1, or -1 to +1 but has values up to 9 and even above. So are the values later in external software like QGIS or eCognition.

NDVI values of streets are pretty close to the values of forest and trees. For example 0.8 or higher compared to 0.95 for forest.

Any ideas welcome...



Dear community,

i am using a MicaSense RedEdge-M for creating orthomosaics from aerial inspections.

In a single project i create a new chunk for every flight i did.
Processing is always done with the same parameters.

Viewing the different Orthomosaics in the separate chunks is strange. Sometimes they appear almost like RGB; sometime just grey like a single band.

Palette settings, or raster transformation was not touched.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot

Dear Photoscan-Users,

aerial mapping of a forest area always is a challenge for the alignment step. :)

Having 75% overlap PS aligned all of the 1357 photos (multiplies by 5 due to 5 bands of the camera).

Sparse cloud is fine.
Meshing is fine.
Ortho is fine (see screenshot overlay in QGIS)....

BUT Dense Cloud is broken (see screenshot of photoscan).

Any ideas are highly welcome...

Thanks a lot


Feature Requests / Shortkey and default export options
« on: June 22, 2018, 10:56:08 AM »
Dear Developer-Team,

a time consuming and error-susceptible way is the export of final products.

If there are many chunks and everything is finally processed you have to click and click and click over and over again (i.e. for exporting orthomosaics from each chunk).

A Shortkey or combination to reach the most common menufunctions would be good.

Setting default export params would be good, too. It's awkward to enter the compression ratio and format every single time again.

Thanks so far.


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