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Bug Reports / Re: Build Mesh issue
« on: December 20, 2016, 12:58:43 PM »
Hello Alexey
Thanks a lot for your speedy answer. It's true that my project is quite large...

size of the dataset: 4.8 GB
Resolution: 7360x4912
Dense cloud: 188'000'000 Points
Type: arbitrary
RAM: 64 GB

I managed to get a mesh based on a little bit smaller dense point cloud (152'000'000 Points). Seems that the additional 36'000'000 points are too much. If it is a problem of insufficient memory, I wonder why there is no corresponding message. This would be helpful.

It is aerial survey data, so I'll try building DEM. Thanks a lot for this hint!

Bug Reports / Re: Build Mesh issue
« on: December 20, 2016, 12:26:50 PM »
Hello Alexey

I have a similar problem as aramarutyunyan with generating mesh. In the logfile, it says "Generating mesh", in the "processing in progess" window, I can see that it takes about 6 hours to calculate the mesh. After this time, the "time left" disappears in the processing window, but progress remains 6%, even if I wait for several hours. There is no mesh generated. I repeated starting the generation of the mesh already 3 times, it's always the same problem.

You can see an extract of the logfile here:
2016-12-19 19:43:50 Generating mesh...
2016-12-19 19:43:50 Grid size: 22211 x 7102 x 7280
2016-12-19 19:43:50 Tree depth: 15
2016-12-20 08:33:29 Agisoft PhotoScan Version: 1.2.6 build 2834 (64 bit)
2016-12-20 08:33:29 OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
2016-12-20 08:33:29 OpenGL Renderer: Quadro M5000/PCIe/SSE2
2016-12-20 08:33:29 OpenGL Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 361.91
2016-12-20 08:33:29 Maximum Texture Size: 16384
2016-12-20 08:33:29 Quad Buffered Stereo: not enabled
2016-12-20 08:33:29 ARB_vertex_buffer_object: supported
2016-12-20 08:33:29 ARB_texture_non_power_of_two: supported
2016-12-20 08:33:37 Loading project...
2016-12-20 08:33:38 loaded project in 0.912 sec

It seems that there happens nothing after starting the mesh. At 08:33:29, I restarted Agisoft by taskmanager.
What could I do to get the mesh calculated?
Thanks in advance


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