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Is there any tweak to temorarily bring back the old way of texture processing under 1.6? I have a project to finish within days.

Here you are. This is a log from my batch processing I set over night. Starts around 3:50. All previous actions were some final tests. As you can see 4 chunks in batch process took 9 hours so far and the last one is still going. Previous version could do it in 4-6 hours.

Just updated to the newest build 1.6. The chunks that needed 40 - 60 minutes for texture generation in the previous versions, now need over 2 hours. For some reason GPU accelerated process works slower than non-GPU before. I have Nvidia Geforce 980M and so far with every update all GPU-accelerated processes have always worked much faster than non-GPU. This time it is different. Why?

Hi. Sometimes I use 1000 of photos and when I see the sparse cloud I know that my model will look great and I do not need so many photos. I would probably do with 500 and it would decrese the time needed for processing.

So in that case instead of manually disabling every second photo, I would love to have a button that will open a window and let me select every second (third/forth/fifth.. etc.) photo for me, so I can disable them quickly. This would be very helpful for projects where I start with over 4000 photographs.

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