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Thanks! Installing K-Lite Standard resolved the issue.

Could you help with another matter, What exactly is the nature of the "frame step" in the configuration window?

Does it mean it takes one frame every X frames?


Hi all,
Happy to join the forums of the great PhotoScan  :)

I am having an issue when trying to import a video.
After I select the video and open it, the configuration screen appears to select frame step, output location etc.
When I click ok to start the conversion, I get the message "a media resource couldn't be resolved".

I have tried with both MOV and MP4 files, which are the extentions relevant for me.

Am I using it wrong?
Any way to resolve the issue?

Would appreciate a fast reply if possible, as this is pretty urgent


-- Specs --
- PhotoScan Pro 1.4.4 6848
- Windows 10 Pro (1803)
- 32GB RAM

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