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General / Re: overexposed textures problem
« on: May 16, 2022, 04:15:46 PM »
I expect just 8bit output. So is there a problem if you combine 8bit images with 32bit laser scans tiff images? Should I convert my 8bit jpegs also to 32bit in order to avoid this "overexposed" effect?

General / Re: overexposed textures problem
« on: May 16, 2022, 04:03:36 PM »
Hello bassistas,

What color range (bit depth) the input photos and laser scans have?

As for the blank spots, I would suggest to mask out no-data regions on the images related to the laser scans prior to the texture generation stage.

Hello, the jpegs are 8bit and the grayscale laser scans are 32bit. Could this be the problem? and what can I do?

I also tried to mask out the no-data regions from the laser scans and it solved the black hole issue but as this black area has the same height in the lower part of the image in all of my laser scans is it possible to mask out this automatically from all the scans with a script rather than doing it by hand for every single scan?


General / overexposed textures problem
« on: May 16, 2022, 01:26:52 AM »
Does anyone know why I'm getting such overexposed textures when I have grayscale laser scans imported in my project? If I disable the laser scans and create the texture with just the jpeg photos the texture is ok.
Also even if I import coloured laser scans I still get this black hole from each scan position which should not be there as there is texture information to cover that from the jpeg photos.

General / Re: Import Laserscan data -registration lost
« on: February 22, 2022, 09:50:19 AM »
My approach:

1) Import scans
2) Quick layout script
3) Import photos
4) mark only the scans as reference with an accuracy of 0.001 meters
5) allign scans and photos

Tie points are determined in the scans and the photos and compared with each other. The coordinates of the scans are held as a reference system.


I had some success with this workflow but in the case I already have a project with imported laser scans and photos with markers attached, if I disable all the photos and leave just the laser scans enabled after the execution of the quick layout script , I go to Tools-> Tie points -> build point cloud and it messes up the position of the scans for some reason. It brings all the scans to the same center like a ball.
If I create a new project and add just the scans first then this is working as it should but how can I make it work on an existing project in which I have more than 150 markers already placed on photos and laser scans and is a pain to place all of them from the begining?

General / orthographic projection
« on: February 17, 2022, 03:18:51 AM »
Hi guys, is there any way to create orthographic projections with the use of a clipping box in metashape as in other softwares like Faro Scene? I am working on a big project with a lot of buildings and I want to create an orthographic projection/section along the road but it's very difficult to do this with markers, not all building facades are parallel to the road and I just want to do a section in the middle of the road exactly. If there is a way with the clipping box this would make the process easy. Also if any other software that can do this by importing the metashape model please let me know.

General / Re: Change images names after Align photos
« on: February 12, 2022, 05:17:22 AM »
THis one should also update the image paths:
Code: [Select]
import PhotoScan

chunk =

string ="Input prefix to be added to the selected camera labels:")
index ="Input starting index:")

for camera in chunk.cameras:
if camera.selected:
if camera.label[-4] == ".":
camera.label = "_".join([string,"{:04d}".format(index)]) + camera.label[-4:]
camera.label = "_".join([string,"{:04d}".format(index)]) ="/",1)[0] + "/" + camera.label
index += 1

print("Script finished")

I just tried this script and it renamed successfully all my photos but it does remove also the jpeg extension from the file names. Can anyone fix this problem on the script? thanks

General / Re: Import Laserscan data -registration lost
« on: January 05, 2022, 10:44:09 AM »
Hello Bassistas,

running the quick layout scrit will assign Estimated EO from the source values but not generate tie points. So to generate the tie points you should use Tools > Tie Points > Build Poind Cloud command (assuring that you set Keep Key Points option in Preferences settings). Then you can import photos and do alignment in incremental fashion. However, if you wnt to keep the Laser scan registration, give them a very high accuracy in m and degrees....

The other alternative is to measure a few well identifiables features in the laser scans, and use these feature points as GCPs to align the images in separate chunk as specified by Dieter...then merge chunks...

Hope this helpful,

Thank you, I'll give it a try, but what do you mean by "give them a very high accuracy in m and degrees"? Is there any setting for that?
I also tried to follow this tutorial I found here which at the bottom it says:
"If the project contains also the common digital images to be aligned, it is recommended to align such image set first and then load the TLS data to the same chunk and run the mentioned script. Note that the digital images alignment should be referenced in the same coordinate space as laser scanning data in order to be properly processed together."
But how this can work if you try to import registered scans on top of already aligned photos that are probably out of scale already? In my case a drone like the standard phantom 4 pro without RTK

General / Re: Import Laserscan data -registration lost
« on: January 04, 2022, 11:05:51 PM »
I assume that you have no orientation for the photos?

Then I would import the laser scans, then run the script for orientation over them in order to define the laser scans as fixed points. Then import the photos and allign them with the laser scans. With a little (a lot of) luck you will have identical points between laser scans and photos. You then have to decide whether that is accurate enough and sufficient. If that doesn't work, you only have the option of looking for identical points in the laser scans and in the photos and using them as GCP for photo matching.

Good luck with it.

I just tried that, Imported the laser scans, I run the script and it shows the scans as aligned. Then I import the photos and I try to run the alignment again with the reset current alignment option unticked but I get this error in console: 

Matching photos...
Warning: Can't resume matching without keypoints

Bug Reports / Re: Bug in Tools/Marker/Marker Import with same photo names
« on: January 04, 2022, 10:33:59 PM »
Hello Andy,

PhotoScan uses camera labels to match marker projections to specific photos during marker import. Camera labels are initialized to image file names by default. This can result in ambiguous selection of photos in case there are multiple images with the same file name in the chunk.

A possible solution to this problem is to rename image files after each flight adding the date of the flight (or flight id) to the beginning of the file name.

In case renaming of the images is not acceptable, camera labels can be modified in the similar way using a Python script after the images are added to the project. For example, a Python script can read EXIF date for each photo and add it to the camera label.

In case you are interested in a Python solution (with keeping original file names intact) - we will be happy to help you with a script.

Hello, I have the same problem, I have a project with some photos from a Dji phantom 4 pro imported in metashape and I have added a lot of markers. Now I want to move the photos to a new chunk as well as the markers and when I import the markers xml file into the new chunk where there is a duplicate filename from the drone photos the markers are placed wrong. Is there any script available somewhere that can solve this by using the EXIF data stored on each of these photos?

General / Re: Import Laserscan data -registration lost
« on: January 04, 2022, 08:40:32 AM »
Hi guys, I have 39 registered scans exported from Faro scene in e57 format , 2300 photos from a phantom 4 pro and about 5600 photos from a handheld camera. I want to combine all these together and use the laser scans as a reference for the scale. The final outcome will be a textured 3D mesh and some orthophotos for architectural drawings in Autocad. So what is the best approach for this task? Do I import first the laser scans in one chunk and then I apply one of the scripts uploaded here? Then I create a second chunk with all the photos, align them and then merge two chunks for the creation of the final model?
Can anyone write the steps in summary? I'm a bit lost and the deadline is approaching  :-[

General / Re: New alignment parameter for background suppression
« on: January 06, 2019, 07:49:26 AM »
Does this method also apply when you take photos of an object on a turntable and with the camera changing positions on the z axis? or is this only for static backgrounds and only with the object changing positions?

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