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I have had a look to this post: , describing a error with a multispectral camera rig.
I have got a similar problem using a rigid camera rig. In my case, it is not a rig with multispectral cameras but a rig with 5 RGB cameras: one oriented vertically (master) and four oblique (slaves). It is similar but not exactly equal to this device: Leica RCD30 Oblique (see attached file).

Alignment works fine and I got good results for residuals and offsets of master and slave cameras. Particularly offsets angles of oblique cameras look good. 

But when I try to build dense cloud point, I get error: "Image size mismatch error".

Obviously in my case is not problem of difference of resolution between cameras but really overlap between images of same rig is limited (see attached image).

Is there a solution for, with Agisoft Metashape, assign a device like this, as a rigid camera rig?.

Thank in advance.

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