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Texture De-Lighter / Delighting high poly or low poly mesh?
« on: March 20, 2021, 01:40:38 PM »
Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding Agisoft's Texture De-lighter. I have a heavy model (14.8 million polygons) I would like to work on but it slows down the program a lot. I was wondering if I could just do the de-lighting on a low poly version of my high poly model but I worry the results will be worse. My reasoning is that if texture de-lighter tries to generate an ambient occlusion map as part of its workflow to delight the model, the map will be much worse if it is generated from the low poly as it does not have as much surface detail. 

I don't know if texture de-lighter bakes ambient occlusion as part of its workflow, I am just trying to understand if the quality results will be equally good using either the low poly or the high poly model. Does mesh resolution matter at all for this process?


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