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unfortunately, the link that you shared is behind a Weiss-Login-Wall, and is not accessible by the public. I'm referring to this link:

Could you please upload in a public location? Thanks!

Vote up!

I would also like to request this and also for generating orthomosaics.

Another good thing would to be able to set priorites for groups of photos, that way you can set the close ones to high priority and further ones lower. I have landscapes where I collect some features (structures) from up close but the rest of the area is just a grid from 120 meters high, but often the 120 meter pictures get chosen for the textures and orthomosaics and I have to manually replace. Or I disable the high cameras and then get left with holes elsewhere


Agisoft Cloud / Re: Calculation of 3D-Area
« on: October 26, 2022, 11:14:50 PM »
Hello SSP,

you are basically right and wrong at the same time. At the moment and to my knowledge, there is no way of measuring random 3D-Area (without a workaround, see below), BUT Agisoft is able to calculate the Area projected onto the best fitting plane of a polygon, which sometimes is even more usefull.
This means you can measure the roof area in your example by making two polygons, one for the west-facing roof side and a second for the east-facing roof side (and then add the areas of the two). The result is calculated in the field named "Area, fitted 2D". The "problem" in your example is, that the best fitting plane calculated by Agisoft in that case correlates with the XY-Plane an thus delivers the same result for 2D and fitted 2D.

When measuring a wall, like in the example that I'm attaching, you can see that the 2D-Area is basically 0 (vertical wall!), while the fitted 2D is what we would call 3D area (but projected as a 2D area to the best fitting plane) and that is the real wall-area.

Workaround: If you select only that part of the Mesh that you want to measure, then Edit --> Invert selection, then delete selection, you basically cut out all other parts of the Mesh and only leave the Roof untouched. Then you can calculate the total amount of area by using Tools --> Mesh --> Measure Area and Volume.

Feature Request: Nevertheless, you make a good point, that it would be very useful to be able to select Mesh-Faces and then be able to calculate its total 3D-Area.

Hope this helps and we get this as a new feature soon, but I do not want to miss the 2d fitted area feature!

Agisoft Cloud / Re: Calculation of 3D-Area
« on: October 05, 2021, 07:47:09 PM »
Dear Ilya,

thanks for your response.

I need the implementation in Metashape: The area of the polygon projected onto its best fitting plane would be perfect. Today, only the 2D-Area is implemented in metashape, but that is not handy for measuring oblique areas.

Thanks and kind regards

Agisoft Cloud / Calculation of 3D-Area
« on: October 04, 2021, 09:25:10 PM »
When drawing a polygon, the 2D-Area can be measured, but not the 3D-Area. On the other hand, in the Cloud, that feature was already implemented and is just called "Area" (see screenshot).

This feature would be very useful for calculating for example roof-Area or even building facades-area, which today, because of being 2D-Area it reports around 0 m2 (projection of points to ground).

Totally agree! Having a live feedback about the length of polyline during drawing would be very usefull!

General / Re: How to get adaptive resolution of texture?
« on: July 31, 2021, 03:59:01 PM »
Thanks, Bzuco!

That is a great idea! I will give it a try!

Thanks ad kind regards

General / Re: Thermal Reflectance Map from RJPG Images
« on: June 01, 2021, 03:31:05 PM »

I have the same request. I'm trying to use the RJPG files generated by a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. Here is one sample picture (RGB and IR) taken with the Drone, perhaps that helps to try it out during SW-Development:

Thanks and kind regards,

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